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Episode 115: Hobie Call tells us how Cycling, Controlling Intensity, Naps, and a Good Attitude Keeps him on Top

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In this episode Miles and I talk with Hobie Call fresh off his incredible victory at the Spartan Super in Palmerton. Hobie talks with us about:


– Strategy going in to this race and why controlling intensity especially at the start is so critical

– His grip technique for CRUSHING the dreaded double sand bag carry and not being gassed at the top of the hill

– His sand bag and bucket training strategy

– How to not burn out your grip on carries and a very efficient uphill/downhill carry strategy

– The power of naps & rest days

– How he uses cycling at the end of run sessions to build lower body strength vs. heavy weight training

– How to race happy and celebrate/ have FUN when you race

– and more!!

This man is AWESOME and we are happy to bring this episode to you!

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Check out our first interview with Hobie where he goes in to detail about his weight vest training HERE



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Episode 101: Interview with South African Super Star OCR Team Jeep Athlete Thomas Van Tonder

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In this episode Miles and I have the great pleasure of interviewing our brother from “the other side of the big blue dam” Thomas Van Tonder.  We chat about:

– The advanced difficulty in obstacles in SA vs US

– How to use percentages vs. a specific pace to make gains on your competition

– How to overcome a bad race

– The importance of race simulation training often

– AND does he really get to run alongside lions, zebras, and other exotic wildlife?? 🙂

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To catch up with Thomas and his adventures follow him:

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Episode 97: Brakken Kraker talks How to Pick Your Races, Dreaming about Winning Races, Nutrition, How being Bald Makes You More of a Man, and Why Capri’s are Always a Wise Choice

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In this episode Miles and I chat with Brakken Kraker and get to know:

– Why he races

– How to choose the right race for your strengths

– Pro cards for OCR

– Dreaming about winning.. Literally

– Daily Nutrition

– Why bald means your a badass

– How all the cool kids wear capris

– Brakken’s killer VO2 max treadmill training session!

– And lots more!


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Episode 85: Margaret Schlachter on Being OCR’s First Elite Female, How the Sport Has Changed, Urban Farming, Writing, Sneaky Chickens and More!

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In this episode Miles and I chat with Obstacle Racing’s First Elite Female and host of Dirt in Your Skirt Podcast Margaret Schlachter. Margaret is a wealth of knowledge in the sport of OCR and has incredible insight on the topic. She is an author, has been featured in many national publications as an expert in endurance sports and is just an all around cool girl!  This was a fun episode to record and I hope you enjoy it! CLICK HERE to listen or Download from iTunes or Stitcher!

Episode 78: How to Dominate being a Masters Athlete with Michael Mark

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In this episode we hang out with elite masters obstacle racer Michael Mark. Not only is Michael one of the fastest racers in the game, he is highly educated and has a wealth of information and knowledge to share about chasing your dream, hard work, and exactly what it takes to be successful in sport and in life.  Michael also shares some of his tips and tricks for recovering from races/training and nutrition as a masters athlete. This is an awesome episode and I am excited to share it with you!  Click HERE to listen or download on iTunes for later 🙂


Episode 72: Interview with Cancer Survivor and all around AWESOME Guy Tim Sinnett

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In this episode Miles and I interview endurance athlete, coach, hypnotherapist, and oh.. cancer survivor Tim Sinnett.  Tim shares with us how he used a positive mindset and hypnotherapy to overcome this crippling disease. We also dive in to the progression of obstacle course racing, certifying OCR referees, and much more. This is an incredibly inspiring show and I hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed interviewing :-).  CLICK HERE to listen or download from iTunes for later by searching Eat Real and Move Podcast.

How Obstacle Racing & Mountain Biking Make you a Better Triathlete

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Are you a triathlete or runner that is suffering from:
– an overuse injury
– burnout/lack of motivation
– lack of power
– achy joints
Do you want to get better at your sport but not sure what else you could possibly do?? In this episode I will teach you how participating/playing another sport, also known as cross-training, can make you a superiror athlete in triathlon, running, or other endurance sport. I will also tell you my personal story of how training for Spartan races and mountain bike races has made me a stronger triathlete AND stronger, more mobile, and overall better human. Click here to listen to today’s show or download on iTunes for later.

Click here for the link to the Article I talked about.

Do you cross-train? Has it helped you improve as an athlete?? If so leave a comment below 🙂