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Episode 209: Benefits of Ancestral Nutrition, Gut Health & Probiotics, and “Game Changer” Documentary Education

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In this episode Mo and Miles chat with Eoviromedica CEO & Founder Jared Ramirez on the critical importance of gut health for the endurance athlete. Along with this, we talk about the benefits of topical magnesium and educate Miles on the recent Netflix documentary “Game Changers”….

We discuss:

  • The importance of having diversity in your diet
  • Difference between dairy and soil based probiotics
  • Why gut health is critical for endurance athletes
  • The benefits and need for topical magnesium
  • How beef liver capsules will benefit your health and performance
  • Is the Netflix documentary B.S. or not??

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Episode 37: Resistant Starch, Deviled Egg Potato Salad, Abdominal Exercise Post C-Section Surgery and More

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In this Episode I talk about:
– the health benefits of resistant starch and how you can easily incorporate it into your nutrition plan.
– What your nutrition plan should look like post surgery to speed recovery and get back to full health faster
– The best abdominal and core exercises to regain strength in your mid-section after a major surgery like a C-section or hysterectomy

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Episode 35: Benefits of Sourdough Bread, Why You Should Meet with a Nutritionist, and go PLAY!

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In today’s episode I discuss the health benefits of eating REAL sourdough bread. Yes bread CAN be good for you, especially your gut. I talk about why you should meet with a nutritionist before going on a “quick fix” diet/detox/cleanse. Finally, I will tell you why I just need you to go outside and play. If you want to get in shape and STAY in shape you need to pick an activity that is fun. Click here to listen or go to iTunes and download for later.

Here is the website for ordering you own sourdough bread starter kits.

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