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Episode 159: Interview with Ryan Kent

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In this episode Mo, Miles, & Vic talk with Spartan Pro Ryan Kent and recap the recent Spartan AT&T Stadium Sprint. Along with Ryan’s race recap we discuss:

  • What it is going to take for him to win the series
  • How incorporating heavy strength training has helped his performance
  • How he will alter/change training in prep for Spartan Championship series
  • How/when he draws mental strength from his time on The Selection
  • What will it take to win TMX
  • and more!

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***Outro song “Posse on Broadway” by Sir Mix-A-Lot…. Because it’s fun :-)***

Episode 158: Interview with Spartan Elite Kevin Gillotti

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In this episode Miles and I sit down with one of the Spartan OG’s and a true master of endurance sports Kevin Gillotti.  Kevin has been heavily involved in triathlon and duathlon for over 28 years before diving deep into Spartan racing. Not does Kevin has decades of experience, he is fast as hell and at 48 shows no signs of slowing down ANY time soon.

This is a wild episode and Kevin give us lots of great insight, wisdom and tips including:

  • How he overcame a devastating injuring early in his career, told he would never run again, and came back even stronger
  • How he continues to be a dominant force in endurance sports regardless of age
  • How he helped Spartan Race run on the back, programming, end in the early days
  • Why he doesn’t really care about lifting form
  • Why Hunter McCintyre needs to shut the hell up 🙂
  • Why mindset is so important
  • Why he doesn’t overtrain
  • Why you don’t have to run on trails to be a bad ass
  • And SO MUCH MORE!!

SERIOUSLY this episode is loaded with great information and inspiration!


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Check out Kevin’s website at www.kevingillotti.com


The Health Episodes #10: Review of “The Magic Pill” Documentary

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In this episode Alix and Mo review the popular Netflix documentary “The Magic Pill”. Among some of the moments they highlight and discuss are:

  • Is a high fat low carb, or ketogenic diet right for you
  • Is the Heart Health Hypothesis wrong
  • How eliminating processed foods and sugars has the power to reverse disease states
  • How your children WILL eat what you feed them, although it may not be easy at first
  • and more

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Check out Nina Teicholz’s New York Times Best Seller “The Big Fat Surprise” 

For more information about the aboriginal diet and health camp “Hope for Health” visit www.hopeforhealth.com.au

Episode 157: Interview with super mom & elite OCR athlete Julie Hartjes

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First of all this episode was a BLAST to record!! We had a lot of fun with our guest Julie Hartjes, and answered some series and funny questions from her teammates.

Before we jumped into the fun questions we got to know Julie and learned how this mother of 3, that home schools 2 of her children finds time to train and be a podium contender at every race. We discuss:

  • How she uses the entire day to train in spurts when she’s busy with kids/life
  • The importance for parents, especially mothers, to take time away from the family for themselves “Don’t forget about yourself”

And then…. 🙂

  • Want to improve your grip?? Milk a bunch of cows
  • How she became so awesome at taking selfies
  • How her and her teammate tried to smother Jay Flores in a hug
  • How Woodchucks are extremely efficient.. at chucking wood..
  • And a lot more fun and some serious questions smattered in

***Bonus… Can you spot Jay Flores in the photo***

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Health Episode #9: How to Manage “Bad Days”

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Every human has a bad day occasionally. A bad day training,racing, a bad day at work, with a friend, family member, spouse, etc. Bad days hit us all, but the question is how do you handle that bad day?

In this episode Alix and Mo talk about this and give you tips on how to turn your bad day around by incorporating:

  • breath work
  • hard workouts
  • restorative workouts
  • laughter and smiling
  • DECIDING on your day
  • grabbing a hug
  • and more

Take a listen and share with a friend or anyone you know that could benefit from hearing.

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Episode 156: Interview with Austin Spartan Super Champ Jordon Buscemi

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What out OCR Elite men!! This dude is on fire and on a mission!!!

In this episode OCR rising star Jordon Buscemi sits down with us to discuss:

  • His love for being outside and “playing”
  • His motivation behind racing
  • One of the best race mantras I have heard, provided by his 6yr old boy
  • His review of the weekend Spartan Super and Sprint Races
  • Why he doesn’t race with a watch or heart rate
  • His hybrid “unorthodox” training
  • Co-founding Wisconsin OCR Team
  • and more!!

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Episode 155: Spartan Athlete and Referee Chris Schapman talks Pose Running and More

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In this Episode Miles and I sit down with Spartan elite athlete and Referee Chris Schapman. Not only is Chris an incredible athlete, he is also a run form coach in the POSE Method of running. We get to know Chris a bit and then talk about:

  • The importance of incorporating key drills into every run warm-up
  • Why a good time to change your run form is after an injury
  • The importance of paying attention to your run mechanics
  • Why your heel should touch the ground during your run gate
  • How to transition into a minimalist/zero drop shoe
  • How to begin POSE running
  • Chris’s “go to” mobility moves
  • and more!

Chris talks a lot about specific movements, drills, etc during the show. If you are looking to change your run form PLEASE consult a qualified run coach to assess you and help you make the right adjustments for your personal needs

** I also answer a listener question on hydration & sweat sodium testing**

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Get in touch with Chris:

IG – @gravity.run or email: chris@gravity.run

Here’s a map of Pose Method coaches: https://www.techniquespecialist.com/map

Here are some of the drills along with videos Chris recommends:
these are the key ones:

1. Hops on Two Feet
2. In and Out Hops on Two Feet
3. Crisscross Hops on Two Feet
4. Heel Click Hops on Two Feet
5. Stationary Foot Pulls to Alternating Foot Pulls (right leg)
6. Stationary Foot Pulls to Alternating Foot Pulls (left leg)
7. Stationary Front Lunge Foot Pulls to Alternating Front Lunge Foot Pulls (right leg in front)
8. Stationary Front Lunge Foot Pulls to Alternating Front Lunge Foot Pulls (left leg in front)10 stationary. Then initiate falling to start moving forward and do 10 while moving forward. Finally, run it out for 20-50 meters.

Episode 154: Hunter Russell & Brian Gowiski Review Tougher & Toughest Mudder Texas

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In this episode Mo sits down with Hunter Russell and Brian Gowiski who took home 2nd and 3rd place in this past weekend’s Tougher & Toughest Mudder in Central Texas.

We have a great conversation, recap their races and discuss:

  • What went well during the race
  • What went wrong/what they learned
  • Mental strategies after taking a wrong turn
  • Hunter’s beard
  • Mental strategies during overnight mind numbing races
  • Recovery strategies after an overnight race and after crewing and not sleeping for over 24hrs
  • The power of crew/team support
  • Why Hunter’s beard is so beautiful
  • and more!!

****NOTE: before we hop into the episode I also answer a listener question about how to recover from a strained pectoral muscle****  We also briefly mention Hunter’s beard…

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Health Episode #8: How to Support Your Spouse Eating Differently

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In all the work that Alix and I do regarding nutrition with clients, this topic is usually the biggest hurdle to overcome. What do you do if your spouse wants to make a dietary/nutrition/lifestyle change but it doesn’t “fit” the way you eat? Or, what if you are wanting to make the dietary changes, but your spouse is not fully on board or willing/wanting to make the same changes?

In this episode we tackle these questions and talk about:

  • How to have pro-active conversations regarding a nutrition shift
  • How to support the person supporting you,
  • How to be responsible and share the duties of food/meal prep
  • and more!

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***If you have a question regarding your health, wellness, mindset, or nutrition shoot us a message and we would love to answer your needs on the show****

Send questions to: mo@linkendurance.com  or  alix@linkendurance.com

Episode 153: Listener Q&A with Mo, Miles, & Victor Quezada

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In this episode Miles and I are joined by good buddy and pro/ocr athlete Victor Quezada to answer your questions. We talk about:

  • How to handle pre-race anxiety
  • How to overcome tennis elbow
  • How much should OCR athletes focus on heart rate
  • How to train with little time available
  • Our “go to” workouts when running short on time
  • Is a post race beer really that bad for recovery
  • The most effective diet for an OCR athlete
  • How to train through an ankle injury
  • What a pre-race meal should look like
  • And Victor gives us a quick recap of this past weekends New Jersey Beast where he ran back to back beasts winning day two

***Note: We lost audio during one of the questions and did our best to pick it right back up***

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Show Notes:

Glute Work for IT Band Issues:

Lateral Band Walk  3×10

Glute Bridge 3×10

Db Deadlift 3×6-8

Short on time workout:

Super Legs!!!

Recovery Beer Article

How to recover faster from workouts/races

Link Endurance Podcast Episode 147: Training Through Injury