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Episode 82: Interview with Elite OCR athlete, Marine, & Purple Heart Recipient Brian Gowiski, Motivational Speeches, and Chopping Firewood

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In this episode we chat with elite OCR athlete Brian Gowiski.  We discuss his journey to finding endurance sports, his impeccable work ethic as an athlete, and his time in the military.  Brian is a buddy superstar and has some great insight to share!  Click HERE to listen or download from iTunes or stitcher.

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Email- bgowiski@yahoo.com

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Instagram: @bgowiski

Episode 76 Ryan Kent talks about Dealing with Injury, Perseverance, Overcoming Adversity and Obstacles, Country Music and MUCH More

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MAN this was a great show!!! Ryan Kent is an amazing dude with a TON of perspective on perseverance, overcoming adversity and loving life.  In this episode we talk about all this plus his favorite workout music, shirtless bicep curls, the obstacle he dislikes the most and more.  This truly was a fun time!! CLICK HERE to listen or download from iTunes by searching eat real and move podcast

You can connect with Ryan here:

Instagram : dr0p_the_hammer
Facebook : Ryan Kent

Ryan would like to thank the following sponsors!

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To my nutritional sponsor @OptimumNutrition. They have been one of the most recognized and awarded supplements companies over the last 30 years, (mainly known in the physique and body building world) but they have bursted onto the functional fitness scene this year. These biceps don’t make themselves!

And a special thank you to everyone out there for the continued support. I appreciate you guys more than you know. See y’all in Tahoe!

Episode 75 Lindsay Webster talks about Long Course vs. Short Course Racing, Pre-Race Jitters, The Obstacles she Fears the Most, Craft Beer and Ice Cream, Her Favorite Workout and Much More

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In this episode we chat with Battle Frog Pro Team racer and Leader in the Spartan race series Lindsay Webster. This was such a fun episode to record. We talk about her time on the Battle Frog Team Challenge,  pre-race jitters, that damn spear throw, beer :-), and much more!  Lindsay is an incredible person and I am excited to share this episode with you.  Click HERE to listen or download on iTunes for later.

Episode 71 Interview with Jackie Rust, How This Single Mom Overcame Tragedy to Become a Pro Athlete and an Incredible Role Model

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In this episode we have the pleasure of interviewing Spartan Pro Team Athlete Jackie Rust.  I can tell you, from the moment I met Jackie I knew there was something special about her.  You will hear how she overcame the loss of a parent and channeled that energy to become one of the top female obstacle racers in the world. Our minds are a powerful tool and can lead us to incredible things when we choose to. Jackie is the perfect example of this and I am so excited for you to listen and learn from her story. From tragedy, to racing and raising two young children on her own, Jackie is a true inspiration.  CLICK HERE to listen or download on iTunes for later.

Episode 65: Active Standing & The Importance of Being a Fat Efficient Obstacle Racer

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In today’s episode you will learn the importance of practicing what I call “Active Standing” during your dynamic warm ups and strength movements. You’ll also learn how to incorporate Active Standing into your daily routine for overall health. I also discuss the importance of being Fat Efficient or “Metabolically Efficient” if you are an obstacle racer, and just how you need to eat and monitor your overall health to utilize your 80,000 calories of stored fat for fuel.

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Here is my Active Standing Challenge video demo