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Episode 104: Interview with Swedish OCR Elite Karin Karlsson

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In this episode Miles and I chat with Swedish OCR star Karin Karlsson.  We discuss:

  • how to use long runs to build form, mental strength and enhance recovery
  • how not all of Sweden is filled with beautiful snow capped mountains
  • the importance of mobility training and how/when to incorporate it into your training
  • how to use “tune up” sessions on race week to solidify mental confidence
  • and much much more!

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How Obstacle Racing & Mountain Biking Make you a Better Triathlete

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Are you a triathlete or runner that is suffering from:
– an overuse injury
– burnout/lack of motivation
– lack of power
– achy joints
Do you want to get better at your sport but not sure what else you could possibly do?? In this episode I will teach you how participating/playing another sport, also known as cross-training, can make you a superiror athlete in triathlon, running, or other endurance sport. I will also tell you my personal story of how training for Spartan races and mountain bike races has made me a stronger triathlete AND stronger, more mobile, and overall better human. Click here to listen to today’s show or download on iTunes for later.

Click here for the link to the Article I talked about.

Do you cross-train? Has it helped you improve as an athlete?? If so leave a comment below 🙂

Mo-bility 3

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In this segment of my body weight mobility & strength series I demonstrate the the below movements. Be sure to follow the queue’s given below and DON’T RUSH the movements. Take your time and if you have any questions about form or technique leave them below or email me at mo@eatrealandmove.com

Click here for the video demo

Episode 39: Why You Need to be Strong

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In this episode, I discuss several reasons why you need to lift heavy weights often. If you are an athlete, it will help increase speed, power, and efficiency. For the every day person, lifting heavy can increase mobility, increase testosterone, improve core strength and actually enhance your quality of life. I address these topics and more.

To listen click Here.

Check out my article on Why you Need to Squat

Here is a great article on lifting heavy for better running

Click here to read how lifting can increase running economy

I would love to hear from you. If you have a thought or comment on this episode leave it below.