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Episode 64: Why You Need to be Strong, You Don’t Have Bad Knees

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In this episode you will learn why it is important to increase both mobility and strength. Regardless if you are an elite endurance athlete or just someone who likes to be active, this podcast will give you insights on the importance of being flexible and strong for both athletic performance and life. Along with this my guest and I discuss why your “bad knees” are more than likely due to muscular imbalances and how you can quickly correct this problem and be free to run, bike, lift and be active. Plus I share Alix’s Paleo Bread recipe!! CLICK HERE to listen or download on iTunes for later.

Alix’s Paleo Bread Recipe:

The BEST & EASIEST Paleo Bread…

Episode 32: Waking up at 3a.m., Training Burnout, Knee Pain from Running

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In this episode I discuss several very common issues with athletes. Why do you wake up at 3a.m.? How can you overcome training burnout or disappointment from a competition. What causes knee pain from running? To listen click here.

To listen to my episode on The Ticket 1310 on recovery click here.

For Dynamic Warm ups to help with knee pain and to get ready for a spartan race click here.

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Episode 22: Spring Foods, Artichoke, Asparagus, Dealing with “Knee Pain”

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In this episode I talk about eating seasonally and the power of artichokes and asparagus. I also re-address, why you have knee pain. To listen click here

Show Notes:

Alix Barth’s Blog:

All about Artichokes:

All about Asparagus:

Coach Mo’s “knee Pain” video:
I will post a video this week on this one for you 🙂