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The Health Episodes #10: Review of “The Magic Pill” Documentary

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In this episode Alix and Mo review the popular Netflix documentary “The Magic Pill”. Among some of the moments they highlight and discuss are:

  • Is a high fat low carb, or ketogenic diet right for you
  • Is the Heart Health Hypothesis wrong
  • How eliminating processed foods and sugars has the power to reverse disease states
  • How your children WILL eat what you feed them, although it may not be easy at first
  • and more

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Episode 121: Brad Kearns Co-Author of Primal Endurance with Mark Sisson talks Primal Fueling, Speed Golf, Training/Nutrition for OCR, MAF running, and More

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In this episode Miles and I chat with former pro triathlete turned author, health & fitness expert, and speaker Brad Kearns. Brad tells us how he went from an overtrained and injured pro endurance athlete to a top competitor in speed golf and high jump by implementing a primal diet, primal training plan,and lifestyle.

We discuss:

– His book Primal Endurance with Mark Sisson and how a ketogenic or high fat lower carb “primal” diet can create better health and performance

– How to use a primal eating plan for OCR

– Recovery

– How to deepen your knowledge through the Primal Endurance Mastery Course

– and More!

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Check out Brad HERE



Episode 106: We take a Deep Dive into High Fat/Ketosis & The Wim Hof Method with Margaret Schlachter

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In this episode Miles and I take a deep dive into the benefits of eating a high fat diet with our good friend from Dirt in Your Skirt Podcast, Margaret Schlachter.  We also chat briefly about her experience practicing the Wim Hof Method, and how it not only increased her cold tolerance but enabled her to climb Concepcion in Nicaragua, from Sea Level to 5,400ft with no issues and in a record time.

We also discuss:

  • How Margaret’s fiancé cured a candida overgrowth with a high fat diet
  • The mistakes people make when trying to make the shift from high carb to high fat
  • How her blood markers improved on a high fat diet
  • Bullet Proof Coffee Recipes
  • Intermittent fasting
  • 72hr fasting
  • How Margaret went from cold intolerant to taking 10 minute showers in 40 degree water with no problem
  • and much much more!!

****NOTE: If you are interested in converting your current diet to a high fat diet please consult with someone like me or another nutritionist who has extensive experience studying and practicing this way of eating****

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