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Episode 103: Mo & Miles Review Dallas Terrain Race, Talk Race Shoes, Eating Healthy on a Tight Budget, Training as a New Parent, Speed work for Long Races, How to Recover from Overtraining, and More

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In this episode Miles and I give a  review of the recent Dallas Terrain Race, talk mental toughness and the Central Governor Theory from the Bataan Death March, plus we get into:
– Icebug & Nike race shoes

  • Iceberg & Nike shoes for OCR
  • MOGA at Paleo fx
  • The best training to improve stamina for Jiu Jitsu
  • The best nutrition strategies for quick energy & recover for Jiu Jitsu and OCR training
  • How to train short and fast for long distance races
  • How to eat healthy on a super tight budget
  • How/when to train when you’re a busy new parent
  • How to recover/bounce back from over racing/training

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