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Podcast 30: Healthy Options at any Restaurant or on a Plane, Exercise on a Plane, Active Recovery/Mobility

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In this episode I get into the basics of how you can eat healthy at any restaurant. How to plan ahead and eat healthy on on long plane flights as well as exercises you can do on an airplane to combat the negative effects of sitting. I also talk about creating a day of mobility work into your rest day or into your normal week for increasing range of motion and preventing injury. Take a listen by clicking here.

Show Notes:
For Healthy food/snack options on a plane I recommend the following. Just click on the word for ordering details.
Justin’s Almond Butter with Maple
Reserveage Organics Protein Packets
Artisana Cacao Bliss
Artisana Coconut Butter

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Episode 28: Practical Healthy Meals, Washing Produce, Staying Motivated for Workouts

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In this Episode:

Debrah asks about preparing “practical” meals to lose weight and be healthy. In response here are my recipes for:
Rosemary Coconut Chicken
Creamy Avocado Broccolini
Best Couscous Ever

I talk about the importance of washing your fruits and veggies and give you a simple veggie wash you can order from amazon here.

Christy wants to know how to stay motivated for her training. I give practical tips and talk about my Total Body in 20 workout.

To listen to this episode in all its goodness click here.