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Episode 56: The Fastest Way to Acclimate for a Hot Race, In-Season Strength Training

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Do you live in a cool, tempered environment but your goal race is somewhere hot and humid? In this episode I tell you about a fast and effective way to not only acclimate for the heat. Not only will you be better acclimated, it may just make you a stronger athlete in the process. I also discuss the importance of in-season strength training. The last thing you want mid-season is an overuse injury. The tips I give you in this episode can help you prevent these issues, increase power, and race to your best ability.

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To learn even more health benefits of using a sauna check out Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s video here.

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Episode 45: Benefits of Ginger, Frozen vs Fresh Foods, Anti-rotation Press, Pot Stir

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In this episode I discuss several extroardinary benefits of ginger. You will also learn when to, and why, you should choose frozen fruits and vegetables over “fresh” produce. Finally, I talk about 2 of my favorite ab/core stability exercises that just happen to be a total body movement in all wrapped up into one move!

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To see the demonstration video for the Pot Stir and Anti-Rotation Press click here.

Episode 42 Quick Healthy Meals Part 2, Benefits of Almond and Coconut Flour, Benefits of the Curtsey Lunge

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In this episode I give you two more great ideas for fast, healthy, and SUPER EASY breakfast/snack ideas. With these recipes I talk about the health benefits of using almond flour and coconut flour vs enriched wheat/white processed flours. I also talk about the last movement in my series of “multi-directional” lunges, the curtsey lunge. You will learn the benefits and precautions for using this move, plus how to put all 3 lunges into practice.

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To see the recipes for both Blueberry and Banana Walnut muffins, go to my home page and click the “recipes” tab.

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Curtsy Lunge/Crossover Lunge

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This is the 3rd movement in the series of “multi-directional” lunges. In this video you learn the proper mechanics and movement pattern of the “Curtsey” lunge. I put all 3 lunges together at the end, demonstrating the series all together.

To see the video of the curtsey lunge along with putting all 3 lunges in this series together click here.

Episode 41 Back to School Breakfast Ideas & Benefits of the 45 Degree Lunge

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In this episode I give you 2 very easy options for quick “on the go” HEALTHY breakfast for you and your children.
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Then we will talk about the benefits of the 45 degree lunge and how you can incorporate it into your functional training regimen. Click here for a direct link to the instructional video.

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45 Degree Lunge

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This is part 2 of in the series of multi-directional lunges. The 45 degree lunge is excellent for increasing range of motion through the hip, increasing balance and dynamic lengthening of the inner thigh/hip flexor. Remember as always your FORM is key. Start out with body weight only. Click here to see the video.

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Episode 23: Combat Seasonal Allergies with Onions & Butterbur, Benefits of Watercress & Functional Move of the Week

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In this episode. It’s allergy tiiiimme!!! And with that being said, I’ve got some cool ways that you can use food and herbs to combat and treat your seasonal allergies without the sleep/sluggish side effects of OTC or prescribed medications. I’m talking specifically about onions and butterbur. I also talk about the versitale and nutritionally packed green Watercress. Along with this you will also want to check out my functional movement of the week, the Dumbbell Lat Pullover to Tricep Extension.

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Watercress Salad:
2 cups chopped Watercress
2 cups fresh spinach
2Tbsp goat cheese
1/2 chopped avocado
2 Tbsp toasted pumpkin seeds
2Tbsp fresh chopped visalia or sweet onion
2Tbsp EVOO
2Tbsp Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar
1Tbsp raw unfiltered local honey
4-6oz protein

Baked Vidalia Onion:

2 Vidalia onions
2 tablespoons ghee butter
2 cubes beef bouillon (MSG free)
2 dashes pepper
2 dashes ground paprika
2 dashes sea salt

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (200 degrees C).
2. Peel and core onions, then slice halfway through. Place onions on sections of aluminum foil large enough to wrap them completely. Place a bouillon cube in the center of each onion; place pat of butter on top. Season with salt, pepper, and paprika. Wrap the onions in foil.
3. Roast in preheated oven for 25 minutes

Db Lat Pullover to Tricep Press

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One thing I have become very good at over the years is working with time crunched individuals. Creating “compound” movements to maximize results while minimizing time. This is one of my favorite movements. It is great for opening up your hips, abs, and lats after sitting all day, riding and running. It is also a great addition to any dry land swim workout. Check out the “how to” video here