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Episode 33: Cheat Meals, Health Risks with Microwave Ovens, What you Need to know about CrossFit

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In this episode I give you tips on eating “cheat meals” at restaurants. Should you ALWAYS order the healthiest foods on the menu? How to navigate eating whatever you want and still be healthy. I also dive in to the negative effects of microwave ovens and what they are really doing to your food when you “Neuk” it. THEN, I sound off on all the bashing of CrossFit and their “terrible coaches”. Find out what YOU as the consumer need to know before stepping in to a “box” or any group workout for that matter. Can it be safe? Yes.. Can it be harmful? Yes.. To listen click here.

“T”-Spine Corrective Exercises

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Cycling, swimming, running, improper strength training and sitting at a desk all day can lead to some pretty bad upper back, or T-spine, posture. Left untreated, this forward shoulder/head posture can potentially lead to deterioration of your Thoracic Spine and possible nerve damage and shoulder immobility to name Just a few. Here are 3 simple movements that you can do anywhere to help prevent/correct the dreaded forward shoulder posture. To see the video and start correcting your posture click here.

Corrective Exercises for the Glutes

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If you suffer from low back pain, a “tight” low back, tight hamstrings or all three, you may need to simply “turn on” you glute muscles (your butt) in order to alleviate the pain/tightness. I have created a simple series of 3 movements that you should begin using as part of your daily routine and prior to any workout to get your glutes firing properly and prevent low back pain. Click here to see the video.

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