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Cleansing Hormone Balancing Breakfast Shake

By April 1, 2018Recipes

I’ve just finished up a hormone/liver detox. It lasted 7 days and I’ve gotta tell you – I feel awesome. Who wouldn’t, right? And the biggest plus? I really enjoyed all of the food the detox asked me to eat. I, of course – because I can’t help myself – add my own tweaks to the program/recipes – and they turned out absolutely delicious.

So I know what you’re thinking… How can a detox of ANY sort involve actual FOOD that involves chewing on top of which TASTES good? Well, for starters – the detox is all about getting the right nutrition in order to cleanse the body. So often we have clients come to us with trouble losing weight in spite of “juice cleansing” once a week or trying to eat very little. Listen to me: the body needs nutrition to survive and function as it should + to keep up with all of the demands we ask of it. Juicing is sugar. THERE, I said it. That is almost all it is. Is there a place for it? Sure. But that is another topic for another time.

My goal for this detox was to set a reset button of sorts. To do something a little drastic for a short period of time that would get me back on my game mentally and therefore physically. Due to my past struggle with anorexia (still comes and goes some days) I have to be very cautious that I do not over-restrict. So careful monitoring is important for me – if you fall into this category, please be aware of this for yourself.

You know what? I accomplished my goal. When a detox is done correctly, it should leave you feeling a little hungry for sure, but coming off of it should be with ease – not with a binge a bag of potato chips or cookies. It should help get blood sugar and cravings back in order and THIS is what will ultimately help reset any hormone dis-regulation and mental fog, anxiety, cravings, etc. When done correctly, it is a wonderful thing for the body every 4-6 months or so.

So, back to the recipe 🙂 – given how much I enjoyed the food, I wanted to share some of the recipes I used. This shake is the easiest thing in the world to throw together – it is creamy and thick and made me feel so good every morning – not full, not hungry, very cleansing and nourishing. It was the exact fuel I needed to get through my mornings! I will definitely continue with this as a new go-to for Breakfast and Pre or Post Workouts!

Here’s the low down and the ingredients and why each one if important:

  • The Bone Broth Protein is one of the most nutrient dense items you can take in. It is incredible for skin, hair, nails, joints, gut health – you name it!
  • The psyllium is to help cleanse, as is the flax seed – which will also offer some Omega 3 benefits!
  • The maca powder is a wonderful superfood for a hormone and energy boost!
  • The spinach is there because we could all use some more greens in our lives, additionally the greens will help with digestion and keeping the gut in a balanced/non-acidic state.
  • And the berries? Berries are the lowest in sugar among all fruits and full of free-radical fight anti-oxidants. Talk about a cleansing food, huh?

Hope you make this a part of your routine! You’ll feel all the cleaner for doing so! 🙂

Cleansing Hormone Balancing Breakfast Shake



  • Place all ingredients into blender and blend on high for 45-60 seconds.


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Cleansing Hormone Balancing Breakfast Shake
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  1. Place all ingredients into blender and blend on high for 45-60 seconds.
Recipe Notes

If you prefer a plant-based protein, we suggest Pure Encapsulations Pure Lean.

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