Do you suffer from any of the following ailments?

You know the saying… “You are only as strong as your weakest link.” As an endurance athlete, busy professional, parent, or someone simply in need of a lifestyle change there are multiple “links” in your chain. You need to be strong, powerful and mobile. You need proper sleep and recovery. You need to sleep well and sleep enough. You need to manage a stressful lifestyle/career. The ultimate goal is to build a balanced and unbreakable athlete/individual. All of these are links in your chain that will determine the outcome of your abilities on the day of your event, race, presentation, etc. If one link in your chain is weak, you will not perform to your full potential. LINK Endurance Coaching has the goal of making sure every "link" in YOUR chain is unbreakable.

Bad knees
Tight hips
Tight/achy low back
Tight hamstrings/calves
Forward “rounded” shoulders
If you answered yes to one or all of the above, then MOGA is exactly what you need!

It is important, as an athlete or simply as a well-rounded individual, that you are MOBILE! One of the main reasons people injure themselves is due to a lack of mobility and range of motion in their body. With MOGA, you can mitigate this lack of mobility and become an agile, flexible individual while working also working on strength. MOGA is a combination of mobility exercises through movement and the use of animal flow with a focus on activating the posterior chain, which will aid in correcting forward-rounded shoulders, tight hips and low back pain.

For more information please contact Mo or Alix.