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Episode 62: Why Even Chicken Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken

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Have you ever wondered why even when you eat healthy foods you can sometimes never quiet get enough and end up overeating? Or what’s the deal with “natural flavors”??? Find out the answers to these questions plus learn why chicken really doesn’t taste like chicken as I review the book The Dorito Effect. Click here to listen or download from iTunes for later.

To dive deeper in to this topic grab The Dorito Effect at Also available in Kindle version.

Episode 61: 9 Factors that Make You Eat More

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In this episode I am back co-hosting the Train Station Fitness show on 96.7fm the Ticket with my good friends George Digianni and Dr. Jeremy Webster. On this show we are discussing 9 behaviors/habits/factors that cause us to eat more. In this episode you will learn how hormones, social settings, and even boredom can, and often will, cause you to unconsciously eat more. Take a listen and then I encourage you to “take inventory” of your own behaviors that cause you to eat when you really aren’t hungry. Click here to listen or download on iTunes.

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Episode 60: Creating a Realistic Holiday Health & Nutrition Plan

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More than “not getting caught unprepared” for the holidays, in this episode you will learn ways to create a realistic plan of action this holiday season. Don’t strive for weight loss goals or thinking that you “fell off the wagon” due to a one time indulgence. Learn the strategies to have fun, stay healthy, and give yourself a little grace this holiday season.

In this episode myself and Dr. Jeremy Webster co-host with my good friend George Digianni on The Train Station Fitness Show and interview Dr. Tim Church. Dr. Church is one of the countries leading experts and researchers on exercise and weight loss. This was an amazing show that I know you will learn from! To listen click here

How Obstacle Racing & Mountain Biking Make you a Better Triathlete

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Are you a triathlete or runner that is suffering from:
– an overuse injury
– burnout/lack of motivation
– lack of power
– achy joints
Do you want to get better at your sport but not sure what else you could possibly do?? In this episode I will teach you how participating/playing another sport, also known as cross-training, can make you a superiror athlete in triathlon, running, or other endurance sport. I will also tell you my personal story of how training for Spartan races and mountain bike races has made me a stronger triathlete AND stronger, more mobile, and overall better human. Click here to listen to today’s show or download on iTunes for later.

Click here for the link to the Article I talked about.

Do you cross-train? Has it helped you improve as an athlete?? If so leave a comment below 🙂

Episode 59: Why a Virtual Coach May be Better than a Trainer

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“Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime”.
Are you one of those individuals that show up to a personal training session and goes through the exercises mindlessly, simply doing what the trainer says to do?
If you had to train yourself could you?
Could you motivate yourself to work hard when your trainer is sick or out of town?
Have you learned to make a healthy recipe for yourself or your spouse/family lately?
Do you have the mental strength to avoid certain junk foods or to push yourself through a hard workout?

In this episode, I teach you how hiring a virtual coach may be your best option for conquering the above questions. And if long term success in fitness, nutrition and life are your goal….. I will teach you how to fish…

CLICK HERE to listen, or download on iTunes for later.

I would love to hear your feedback from this episode! If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

Regeneration/Mobility Series 1

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EVERYONE, regardless of your fitness or sport goals, needs to add mobility training and active recovery to their training program. This short video is a great way to increase you mobility/range of motion, plus promote active recovery from hard training session. Be sure to be VERY aware of your body position and form when performing these, or any, movements. Click Here to see the video.

Let me know what you think about this video series, and if it was helpful in the comments box below :-).

Episode 58: Breaking Through the “I Can’t” Mindset

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Have you ever thought about doing an endurance race like Ironman, Marathon, Spartan Beast, etc., but thought “I could NEVER do that”? Or are you in the beginning/middle of your endurance race training plan but concerned if your training correctly or focused on thinking it’s still impossible? Today I will give you 7 key strategies to break through your “I can’t” mindset and turn it into an “I CAN and I WILL”. Click here to listen now or download on iTunes for later.

1- A Positive Realistic Mindset:
Training for an endurance race of any type first requires that you be in the right mental state.
– Work with a coach that will support and guide you through your mental hurdles as much as your physical demands.
– Extreme makeover weight loss Edition/ Biggest Loser
– woman runs 5k & hadn’t ran more than 400m
– running ½, full marathons, lifting, etc

– Understand when your body is tired & you need rest
– Understand times when you need to suck it up and push through
– long rides/runs
– carrying heavy loads “If you can take it you can make it”
– Have a mantra
– “I cannot be broken”, “I am unstoppable”
– Be realistic in your goals, don’t expect to break records on your first or even 2nd, 3rd go at it

– Building mental strength in sport can carry over into your everyday life
– long work hours
– sleepless nights bc of kids, work, stress (think of Special Forces training)

2- Stop Overthinking:
– Our tendency is to think negatively as soon as we are approached with a challenge
– how is this possible?
– This is going to take forever!
– We worry about what we can’t control instead of mastering what we can control
– What if it rains, if it’s too cold, too hot
– Instead, plan for these events and create a solution in your mind, even in writing
– rehearse your problem solutions as part of daily meditation
– While riding your bike, go over procedures for changing a flat
– While running create an anti-cramp solution

– realize that you will have bad days
– some workouts are designed for you to fail
– Some weeks will be harder than others
– climate changes will effect your speed/pace
– STOP comparing yourself to pros/faster AG athletes

4- Have a Realistic training plan for where you are in your life right now:
– just start a new job or have a child? Now may not be the time to take on IM training
– pick the right race for your strengths and goals
– stay within YOUR abilities
– learn to train alone, without music

5- Stop listening to Music when you train:
– we listen to music for motivation or to postpone boredom
– You need to develop then mental strength & focus to train w/o extra stimuli
– listen to your body run rhythm
– listen to your pedal cadence
– go through your mental checklists

6- Have a solid nutrition plan:
– You’re about to beat the hell out of your body. You will need the right nutrients to recover/rebuild

7- Incorporate Mobility & Strength Training:
– training for endurance sports such as Tri/cycling/marathon develop Asymmetries & imbalances in musculature that can cause joint/tendon pain.

Episode 57: Hydration & Nutrition Strategies for Summer Youth Athletes

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In this episode I help you with ways to help your young athletes prevent cramps, dehydration, and over hydration during hot summer sports. To listen click here or download from iTunes for later

Electrolytes I referred to NUUN

– you pee every hour and it’s clear
– you barely pee during the day and it’s dark orange

Test Your Sweat Rate:
The Test
1) Weigh yourself nude right before a run.
2) Run at race pace for one hour, keeping track of how much you drink (in ounces) during the run.
3) After the run, strip down, towel off any sweat, and weigh yourself nude again.
4) Subtract your weight from your pre-run weight and convert to ounces. Then add to that number however many ounces of liquid you consumed on your run. (For example, if you lost a pound and drank 16 ounces of fluid, your total fluid loss is 32 ounces.)
5) To determine how much you should be drinking about every 15 minutes, divide your hourly fluid loss by 4 (in the above example it would be 8 ounces).
6) Because the test only determines your sweat losses for the environmental conditions you run in that day, you should retest on another day when conditions are different to see how your sweat rate is affected. You should also redo the test during different seasons, in different environments (such as higher or lower altitudes), and as you become faster, since pace also affects your sweat rate.

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Episode 56: The Fastest Way to Acclimate for a Hot Race, In-Season Strength Training

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Do you live in a cool, tempered environment but your goal race is somewhere hot and humid? In this episode I tell you about a fast and effective way to not only acclimate for the heat. Not only will you be better acclimated, it may just make you a stronger athlete in the process. I also discuss the importance of in-season strength training. The last thing you want mid-season is an overuse injury. The tips I give you in this episode can help you prevent these issues, increase power, and race to your best ability.

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To learn even more health benefits of using a sauna check out Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s video here.

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Episode 55: Bullet Proof Coffee & Vegan Diets, Are you Doing it Wrong?

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In this episode I am in the studio on 96.7fm The Ticket with George Digianni and Dr. Jeremy Webster. Are you drinking bullet proof/butter coffee, or on a vegetarian/vegan diet but still gaining weight and feeling bad? Find out how your attempt at improving your health can actually be more damaging to your health than you think. Click here to listen, or download on iTunes for later.