In this episode Mo & Miles sit down with 4-time American Ninja Warrior competitor, National Boomerang Champion, Spartan Pro Team member and one hell of a great dude Logan Broadbent! Logan has an incredible story that will motivate you and show that YOU control your outcome and that you are NOT defined by your circumstance/surroundings. 

We discuss:

  • How Logan overcame a tough childhood of poverty and mental abuse from a step parent by turning his focus to sports and self-improvement
  • How he got into boomerang competitions and the challenges, science, and patience that goes with learning all the skills/tricks
  • How he found Spartan Race and his goals for climbing the top 10 pro ladder
  • How he uses family to stay mentally strong and motivated
  • and more! 

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Check out Logan’s Boomerang Trick shot video from Dude Sweet that has over 3 million views HERE!!

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