In this episode Mo chats with best selling author of “The Unbound Soul” & “Inspirience” about his latest book The Warriors Meditation. 

Richard has studied Martial and Samurai Arts since the age of 12 and meditation since the age of 16. This meditation process is all about being in the present moment, focused, ready and relaxed WHILE MOVING. Best of all, it only takes a few seconds to get tapped in and fully aware. This meditation process is called TEM (Total Embodiment Meditation)

Although we aren’t wielding swords at each other, the need to be fully present and fully aware of our surroundings is key for every OCR athlete, triathlete, & ultra-runner’s success in training and racing. 

Richard shares with us exactly how to do this and at 32 minutes into the show will take you through a TEM meditation session. I challenge you to listen and do this on your next run, training session, walk, house chores, or whenever you become anxious, worried or stressed. I use this technique with incredible success with my adaptive athletes and clients to help bring them back to the present moment and calm in an instant.

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