You think an Ultra Beast is a long race??? Try running 60 miles every day for 52 days!!

In this episode Mo and Miles chat with Sanjay Rawal, the award winning filmmaker of the documentary “3100 Run and Become”, a 3100 mile race that is held every year around 1 city block in Queens, New York over 52 days. Runners must average 60 miles each day in order to complete this event! The race is called the “Transcendental 3100”. 

We discuss:

  • The realities of 52 days of running 60 miles – what happens to minds, bodies & run shoes over 3100 miles
  • Running as a conversation between mind, body & spirit
  • The 1,000 day marathon Monks
  • How athletes train for this type of event
  • And SO MUCH MORE!!!
  • You will leave this episode with a new found respect and appreciation for endurance events and hopefully begin to see your running and racing in a new and improved light

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