This episode starts a bit different than the others. Mo and Miles were having a deep conversation about why Miles needs a haircut and how to style his hair when they both realized “this should be on the air” ­čÖé

Afterwards we dive into listener questions and discuss:

  • Terrain Race’s new format and ownership
  • Strength training post injury
  • How to cool down after a race
  • How to build your race schedule
  • Strength moments for ultras and mountain running
  • Morning MOGA movements
  • How long should off-season last
  • When you change up your routine
  • Can you keep muscle mass during race season
  • AND Mo lets you know EXACTLY who will win OCRWC & Spartan Championships in 2019

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MOGA Morning Mobility Movements:

Down Dog Hurdle Twist Pigeon 

Quad Shoulder Opener

Glute Bridge

Mantis Cobra 

Rib Pull

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