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December 2018

Episode 181: Ben Morgan talks Training in Alaska, The Carnivore Diet, Training Fasted, and an “I Get To” Mentality

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In this episode Coach Mo sits down with active duty Air Force ICU nurse and elite OCR competitor Ben Morgan to talk all about his unique and effective training, nutrition and racing strategies.

We discuss:

  • How he uses light therapy during the Alaskan winters of only 4-5 hrs of sunlight each day to stay healthy and motivated
  • How he trains and races in a fasted state
  • How he uses the carnivore diet of 90% meat, and it’s effectiveness in his training
  • How he follows the circadian code for food intake during odd work hours as an ICU nurse
  • How he likes to make himself mentally and physically suffer to build both physical and mental resilience
  • How he stays focused and positive through an “I GET to” mindset
  • and more!

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Episode 180: Canada’s Austin Azar Recaps Spartan Iceland Ultra World Championships

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In this episode Mo and Miles sit down with Canadian Elite Austin Azar to recap his experience at Spartan’s Iceland Ultra World Championships. Austin had to unfortunately withdraw at mile 49 due to injury but gives us great insight on:

  • Training needed to prepare for this race or a race of this caliber
  • Why it was virtually impossible for anyone to complete 100 miles on that course
  • The wise decision to drop out of the race to minimize long-term injury
  • His mindset going in to this race
  • and much more!

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Movement: 1/2 Kneeling Overhead Press

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90% of OCR is pulling. If you don’t work the “push” muscles you’re creating imbalance that could lead to injury.

Most running and triathlon strength plans do not include pressing movements which can also lead to muscular imbalances and injury

An overhead press, especially when executed one arm at a time builds strength throughout the shoulder complex and core.

Be sure as you go through this moment that you do not over arch your low back at any point, especially as you are pressing overhead. To help prevent this 1)be aware if your arching your back excessively, perhaps do the movement with your side facing a mirror, 2)every time you press weight overhead “squeeze” the glute of the kneeling leg (the one that’s on the ground)

We recommend 3-4 sets of 8-12 repetitions

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Episode 179: How to Style Hair, 2019 Predictions and Listener Q&A

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This episode starts a bit different than the others. Mo and Miles were having a deep conversation about why Miles needs a haircut and how to style his hair when they both realized “this should be on the air” 🙂

Afterwards we dive into listener questions and discuss:

  • Terrain Race’s new format and ownership
  • Strength training post injury
  • How to cool down after a race
  • How to build your race schedule
  • Strength moments for ultras and mountain running
  • Morning MOGA movements
  • How long should off-season last
  • When you change up your routine
  • Can you keep muscle mass during race season
  • AND Mo lets you know EXACTLY who will win OCRWC & Spartan Championships in 2019

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MOGA Morning Mobility Movements:

Down Dog Hurdle Twist Pigeon 

Quad Shoulder Opener

Glute Bridge

Mantis Cobra 

Rib Pull