In this episode we are not interviewing a pro. Instead we are talking to an athlete that races at the elite level while holding down a full-time job and going to school for his MBA. Almost every person that races OCR can relate to this in some form or fashion. Maybe you have a family instead of going to school, which is another full-time job in and of itself. We wanted to share Shan’s story and experience to show you that you CAN do anything you want if you focus, plan, and put the right mindset into your training, nutrition, & recovery

Want to know what it takes to grit out 60 miles in 24hrs, soaking wet in freezing 30 degree temps?

Have you been curious what it takes to crew a 24hr obstacle race?

We chat with Shan Khan and Coach Mo and get in to just that, plus find out how Shan managed to train for the World’s Toughest Mudder all while holding down a full-time job AND going to school for his MBA. Oh, and he finished 34th overall out of over 1200 athletes!!

We discuss:

  • Mental & physical strategies to handle the frigid temperatures
  • Nutrition for the race and how it can and needs to be adjusted mid-race
  • How he kept his mind focused during the cold night laps
  • Training and recovery before and after the race
  • The importance of a good pit crew
  • What it is like to crew for a race like this
  • What training looked like leading up to this race with a busy schedule
  • and more!

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