In this episode Mo & Miles dive into what it takes mentally so that you never have a “bad day” of training or racing again.

We cover:

  • Vegan Santa Claus 🙂
  • What to do when you miss a workout or training/race goal
  • Where/How to shift your focus during hard training sessions
  • How to change your self-talk for a more positive outcome
  • The importance of setting daily training goals and intensions

Then we jump into a quick review of the book Peak Performance and talk about:

  • The importance of rest and extended breaks from training
  • When and why you need to go slow and take it easy
  • How mental fatigue could be ruining your training
  • How to use stress as a tool for success
  • How to get your mind right
  • and more!

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Book: Peak Performance by: Brad Stulberg & Steve Magness

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