In this episode we get to sit down and chat with Brakken Kraker and he mic drops knowledge and insight for the entire show. Brakken has always been a leader in the OCR world both in competition and in coaching, and it came as a shock to a lot of athletes when he announced early in the year that he had been unhappy and “fallen out of love with training”.

We dive into this and along the way discover:

  • How his broken down minivan helped him rediscover his love for the sport and training
  • How to love the process not just the goal
  • How not to rush into decisions

We also talk about:

  • How to train in the off-season
  • The importance of sustainability & quality vs. quantity in trainig
  • Could Cross-Fit make a surge in Spartan Stadium races
  • His “go-to” workout for hills on a treadmill
  • and SO MUCH MORE

Seriously this episode is so full of great information that will help make you a better athlete in every way shape & form

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