Keeping the MOTIVATION train rolling with this weeks episode!!! On this podcast Mo, Miles, & Vic chat with one incredibly determined man Sawyer Brown. Not only is Sawyer a bad ass OCR athlete, but he just successfully completed being stranded on a deserted Island with barely any food and only a small suitcase for FORTY ONE DAYS!! We discuss:

  • How he transformed his life from partying with alcohol and drugs, to getting in the best shape of his life and finding Spartan Racing/OCR
  • How OCR helped give him the grit he needed to not quit while on the show #paincave
  • How he gave up a secure job to pursue this opportunity, and how it has positively changed his life in more ways than one
  • How he kept a positive mindset while starving
  • How being on Castaways has transformed how he reacts and to people/situations
  • How it has made him a better father, husband, & trainer/coach
  • How he bounced back after losing over 30lbs while on the Island
  • and a lot more!

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Follow Sawyer on IG – @ocrslayer

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