THIS episode is FIRE!! Seriously, our guest Rachel Hamrick has one hell of a story to tell. From gaining over 80lbs & suffering depression as a single mother of 3 girls, to her first Spartan race and not being able to get over any of the walls, failing all the monkey bars, & maxing out at a 12 minute mile run pace, to WINNING Spartan Elite Women’s races and running 6 minute miles!

We also have fun talking about how she grew up in, and exactly what is, a “holler”. She tells us about the ONE 7th grade student who’s dog legitimately DID eat his homework, and why she would bring a rope with her on a desert island (besides taming a leopard) 🙂

This show is incredibly inspiring and Rachel is seriously and amazing woman who proves that with the right daily mindset and taking time for yourself, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. You’re going to want to share this with someone that needs a little motivation


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