In all of my years of training and coaching I have found that and athlete’s quest for fitness, weight loss, weight gain, and/or performance can be hindered not only by poor nutrition, lack of recovery, etc., but also by simply thinking that what they are doing is not sufficient enough.  All too often athletes chase perfection in training and when they don’t hit a workout goal it can send them into a tailspin of negative self-talk that can 100% affect performance and goals, or they see other athletes doing different workouts and think that’s what THEY have to do too in order to succeed. Our desire to do the perfect workout in the perfect amount of time has consumed us and we often forget the real purpose of what we are training for.


If you have ever said, “I’m slow”, “I suck”, “I’m not fast/strong enough” STOP. Stop chasing perfection in your routine and focus on each movement, each rep, and each set being the best you can make it.  If you’re physically or mentally tired, note that, but give 100% of you best effort in that moment.  If you can’t “finish a workout” maybe you need to rest more. If you set out on a training session and you thought it was going to take 60 minutes but it only took 52 minutes don’t think that you MUST keep going for 8 more minutes.  If you put in 100% effort for those 52 minutes then you have done exactly what you needed.


Hear me, I am not saying that you should not set goals in your training, I am saying that more often than not we don’t give ourselves enough credit for the work that we DO put in and that is what is creating negative self talk that can prove detrimental in competition and even in life.  Stop searching for the perfect training session or the perfect routine to get to your goals.  Focus instead on the journey you are on to reach your goals and strive to learn from every session every day.

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