Take Ownership of your training, nutrition, & life.  In this episode Alix and Mo help you understand how you can stop letting outside forces/people/situations dictate your day/life.

  • Do you go through workouts with your trainer, buddy, or alone blind?
  • Do you just eat food without paying attention or putting in effort to fuel properly?
  • Is everything someone else’s fault, do you let other people, situations dictate your attitude daily?

Ownership of your training:

  • learn a new movement or learn understand the movements that you are doing
    • whats the “why” behind the session/particular exercise
    • ask your coach trainer to help you learn
    • start with ONE movement
  • Taking ownership in this realm can give you confidence to take on other tasks you may have been intimidated by

 Ownership of your nutrition:

  • you don’t need to become a food scientist
  • learn the health benefits of one food each day or each week, then incorporate into your nutrition
  • Learn how the foods/supplements you eat affect your body, performance, recovery, etc
  • Learn how to prepare a meal for yourself
  • Learn how to order healthy at a restaurant and/or stick to healthier options when eating for business
  • ENJOY yourself when eating out and own it!

Ownership of your life:

  • Do you wake up and watch the news or check social media and realize how that dictates your attitude, response/reaction to others for the day?
  • Do you allow situations at work or home “put you in a mood” for the day?
  • Wake up each morning and start by owning the first 10-15 minutes 
    • box breathe, meditate, smile
    • repeat this mantra “today I take ownership of my thoughts and emotions. Today I take ownership of my body and food”
  • If you make a mistake OWN IT, don’t dwell on it, learn from it and make it a positive 
    • “I realize I could have done xxx better”  or  “In looking back I see where I could have done/said xxx for a better outcome/response/etc”
  • At the end of each day write in a journal what you took ownership of that day.  Whether its one thing or 10 things, write it down.  Review it the next morning after breathing, meditation, and while saying your mantra to start your day/mind off on the right track  Review your wins.. 
  • At the end of each week/month/year you can go back and look at all of your ownership WINS and see how you have progressed

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