What Will I do Today/What Did I do Today…

“Daily disciplines build on one another. You can’t complete change in one day, but when you work towards implementing a daily routine, that routine can create real noticeable prolific change”

All to often we wake up in a rush, turn on the news, or hop on social media, see something negative, and in our over-tired state of mind let that negativity create our attitude going into the day.  In our recent Health Episode Podcast Alix and I discussed taking ownership of your day, which is exactly what you have the ability to do when you flip you daily script from allowing outside forces dictate your attitude, reactions, & emotions. Instead wake up and say to yourself “Today I WILL XYZ” and take ownership of your day.


So here is what we recommend you do:


  1. At the beginning of each morning spend 1-5 minutes box breathing with a slight smile on your face. As you are breathing and smiling begin to create your day.  “Today I will ________”, not I “want to” or I “hope to”, be definitive in your thoughts and declaration.
  2. At the end of each day, take a minute or five and write down in a journal “What I did today” that was positive, that improved your quality of life, your health/fitness, your relationships personally and professionally, your mindset, etc.
    1. The next morning you can even review your “wins” from the previous day as a reflection and motivation to accomplish goals for the day ahead


Start with small goals each day. As you write them down you are building a catalog of accomplishments, wins, etc.  Go back at the end of each month and review all of your wins and take a moment to appreciate your progress.  Small goals/wins amount to huge victories and success in the long run.