See Your Movement…


“Action begins with a thought; and it is in this thought that we open our mind, create a plan, and achieve the impossible.” – Coach Mo


In my studies of Sports Psychology I have found that many great athletes, Olympians, world champions, etc., have one thing in common that they relate to their success.  They each visualize their performance hundreds of times, over and over, so that on the day of competition their brain has rehearsed every movement so many times that their bodies know exactly how to react, respond, perform when it matter the most.  It is as if their body is running on autopilot, there is no thought to movement, their body just responds as it is supposed to. But what if you are not a world champion or an Olympian? Does the same visualization apply to your and your needs/goals? Absolutely it does!


Whether you are training for a race, training for fitness, or preparing for a big meeting, presentation, etc., seeing your movement can play a critical role in the outcome of your need/goal.  If training for a race you must visualize every step of the race in your mind, create a plan for any obstacles along the way, and repeat this daily until your body naturally responds to any situation thrown at you on race day. This works the same in life/business. If you are preparing for an important meeting or presentation mentally rehearse and see your movement.  How will you sit/stand, how will you respond to difficult questions/objections, what if you lose your train of thought, etc. Create a plan and see your movement.


I have a client that is a very talented musician. He can play two keyboards simultaneously, control two separate foot pedals, and sing all at the same time. However, when I give him a new physical movement in a workout he tells me “I’m just not that coordinated”.  That was until I taught him how to see his movement. Just as he learned to play the keyboards, it first took hours and hours of mental and physical practice until now he does it automatically. We broke down the “challenging” new physical movements and had him watch me demonstrate, see it in his mind, then execute. The first several times his movements were not smooth, fluid, or coordinated, but the more he visualized the easier it became.  What he once said was impossible to achieve because “he’s just not that coordinated” is now a part of his workout, and it all started with seeing himself move. This takes practice and patients, but again, it is the key to your success in sport, in business, and in life.  See your movement, believe in your ability to learn, and achieve the impossible.