In this episode Miles and I sit down with one of the Spartan OG’s and a true master of endurance sports Kevin Gillotti.  Kevin has been heavily involved in triathlon and duathlon for over 28 years before diving deep into Spartan racing. Not does Kevin has decades of experience, he is fast as hell and at 48 shows no signs of slowing down ANY time soon.

This is a wild episode and Kevin give us lots of great insight, wisdom and tips including:

  • How he overcame a devastating injuring early in his career, told he would never run again, and came back even stronger
  • How he continues to be a dominant force in endurance sports regardless of age
  • How he helped Spartan Race run on the back, programming, end in the early days
  • Why he doesn’t really care about lifting form
  • Why Hunter McCintyre needs to shut the hell up 🙂
  • Why mindset is so important
  • Why he doesn’t overtrain
  • Why you don’t have to run on trails to be a bad ass
  • And SO MUCH MORE!!

SERIOUSLY this episode is loaded with great information and inspiration!


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