First of all this episode was a BLAST to record!! We had a lot of fun with our guest Julie Hartjes, and answered some series and funny questions from her teammates.

Before we jumped into the fun questions we got to know Julie and learned how this mother of 3, that home schools 2 of her children finds time to train and be a podium contender at every race. We discuss:

  • How she uses the entire day to train in spurts when she’s busy with kids/life
  • The importance for parents, especially mothers, to take time away from the family for themselves “Don’t forget about yourself”

And then…. 🙂

  • Want to improve your grip?? Milk a bunch of cows
  • How she became so awesome at taking selfies
  • How her and her teammate tried to smother Jay Flores in a hug
  • How Woodchucks are extremely efficient.. at chucking wood..
  • And a lot more fun and some serious questions smattered in

***Bonus… Can you spot Jay Flores in the photo***

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