But What If…

“Fear can’t kill you, but it can contain you” – Unknown

Before attempting a daring physical feat, before approaching your boss for a raise, before any difficult conversation, there are those two words that consume our thoughts.  “What if”.  What if I fall, or don’t make the jump, or get hit?  What if my boss gets angry and demotes me, what if my friend, wife, husband, takes what I am saying the wrong way and it damages our relationship? What if?

But what if it didn’t? What if you changed your thoughts to how the physical feat WILL go well, meticulously planning every move.  What if the conversation, meeting, presentation went exactly how you wanted it to go or even better?  What if you created the victory in your mind and then approached your challenge with confidence and mental strength? Don’t let the “what if’s” contain you, change your vocabulary to “what will” and go get it.

Listen to the audio for detailed accounts of some amazing people doing seemingly impossible feats of physical and mental strength, by using fear and “what if” to make them successful.