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Episode 152: Alyssa Hawley Recaps a Gritty Seattle Super & Talks Mental Focus

By April 17, 2018Podcast

In this episode Spartan Pro Alyssa Hawley gives us a detailed review of the recent Seattle Super, which was full of mud and failed obstacles by all.

We also talk about:

– Her mental coaching and how she “calmed her mental chatter”

– How to stay present during a race and not focus on what’s ahead or obstacles missed

– How coaching athletes through there first Spartan race has brought a whole new meaning to OCR races

– The importance of self talk pre-race in preparing for difficult situations, failed obstacles, challenges during a race

– And fun facts about Kangaroos and someone’s obsession over wallaby’s 🙂

***Disclaimer*** Due to an audio issue Alyssa’s voice has a slight echo. Our apologies.


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