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Episode 151: Interview with Beast & Ultra-Beast Champ Frankie Disomma

By April 10, 2018Podcast

In this episode Miles and I chat with one of the Beasts from the Northeast, see what I did there :-), Frankie Disomma. This was an AWESOME interview and Frankie gives us some great insight and advice on:

  • How to train with a busy travel schedule
  • How to train in an office cubicle… Seriously 🙂
  • Why the Burpee Pull-up is his favorite “go to” body weight training exercise
  • How doing “miles of lunges” has been part of his hip injury rehab
  • Why you should treat your goals like the flame of a candle
  • How to stay focused during an injury
  • Why you should ALWAYS run with socks :-0
  • Planking during conference calls and more!

Seriously you will be motivated and educated at the end of this show!!

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Follow Frankie on IG: @frankiedisomma07