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Mindset & Meditation: Walking Meditation

By February 4, 2018Mindset

Walking Meditation

If you are curious about meditation or mindfulness, but don’t think you can sit still long enough to try, or you simply don’t have enough time in your busy day to add one more “activity” to your list, then listen to this week’s audio on walking meditation. The  first thing I learned about mediation and mindfulness was that it simply begins with being present and being aware. This can be during stillness or can be during movement. Whatever you are doing you are relaxed and focused one hundred percent on you and your surroundings. Here is how to incorporate a walking meditation or moving mindfulness into your day.

If you are already a runner or walker, the next time you go out to run/walk, don’t bring music with you.  So often I hear people tell me that they cannot run without music to “distract” them. They are admittedly trying to not be present during their run, but I encourage you to try. As you are running, or walking, simply breathe and pay attention to your surroundings.  The colors of the trees, grass, or street. The sounds and smells around you. The people and the cars that pass you by. Your foot cadence and your breath pace. Be one hundred percent present, not focused, but simply present and aware or your surroundings. That is meditation and mindful awareness :-).

If you don’t run not a problem. You can do the same thing during daily tasks/chores at home. When folding laundry, be present and aware of how you fold each piece of clothing. Notice the warmth of the garments, how they smell coming out of a fresh hot dryer,etc. Again, that is mindful awareness and mediation.  The same can be done while cooking or cleaning, and in our busy fast paced lives, it is also a great way to “stack” your activities. Don’t have time to cook and meditate? No problem, because if you are practicing moving mindfulness you can do both at the same time, and the same during a walk or run. Give it a try and remember to simply breathe, be present, and absorb what is around you.