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Mindset & Meditation: Be Perfectly Imperfect

By January 28, 2018Mindset


“Every next level of life will demand a new you”, “and sometimes it takes being broken in order to become that new version of you” – Leonardo Dicaprio & Sean Buranahiran

After being in the fitness industry for over 20 years I have seen many clients “chasing a ghost” of perfection. Maybe it is a version of themselves from 5, 10, 15 years ago, or perhaps seeking to look like the model on the cover of a magazine or their favorite Hollywood star. They seek this “perfect figure” and are constantly let down when they don’t achieve that goal, or they hop on the scale and it hasn’t budged or perhaps crept up a few pounds. When this happens they become aggravated and frustrated which leads to poor self-esteem, acting out towards others, crash dieting, and more. They are so obsessed with the perfect image or number on a scale that they completely overlook the accomplishments that they have attained.

Things I have heard from clients:

Me: Look how much faster and longer you can run now without getting tired

Client: But I’m not 105 pounds

Me: Look how many more squats you can do and/or how much stronger you have become

Client: But I’m not a size 2

Client: We did squats with our kids on our backs this weekend for fun and they had a blast! We could never do that before!… BUT we haven’t lost any weight this week

Me: Do you not realize what you just said and how big of an accomplishment this is?!

I have even had a client that was obsessed with the tiniest bit of skin on her belly that she absolutely had to get rid of, and would not except the fact that it was just a small bit of loose skin from having 3 children. This particular client was an incredible athlete, but could literally only see her imperfections and was never happy.

It is in your scars where your story begins, and it is in your imperfections where your perfection lies. To convey this message in the form that I need you to hear/receive it in, you need to listen to the audio above. After listening to the audio and hearing the story of Melissa, please watch the video below. She shared this video along with the story of the broken bowls, and that became her personal anchor. No longer did she strive for “perfection”. She realized her strength and beauty lay within her scars. The video explains everything I want you to get out of being “perfectly imperfect”.

Be Proud of Your Scars