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December 2017

Episode 137: Introduction to “The Health Episodes” with Mo and Alix

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Starting Jan 2018 the LINK Endurance crew will be adding a new nutrition, mindset, meditation, & healthy living podcast episode two times a month! Don’t worry, you will still get your weekly dose of OCR interviews and news with Mo and Miles delivered every Monday morning :-).

In this episode Alix and I talk about what to expect in the upcoming Health Episodes and give a brief intro on the importance of mindful breathing, shifting your mindset from “I can’t” to “I can/I am/I will”, staying calm in the midst of chaos, and why you need to seek failure.

Take a listen and share with anyone you know that is looking to better themselves and reach untapped potential!

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End of Podcast Song: “Limitless” by Sam F. (feat. Sophie Rose)

Episode 136: Interview with Jay Flores

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In this episode CTG Pro Team member Jay Flores sits down with Miles and I and talks about:

– How he went from boxing, to cross-country, to OCR

– How to be a competitive athlete with a spouse that doesn’t “get” or do your sport

– How he prefers bands over penalties, and how he believes mandatory obstacle completion helps you to grow into a better athlete

– Being a Global “STEM” Science Technology Engineering & Math ambassador and how he inspires the youth of the world at TED Talks and on other speaking platforms to make “STEM” fun and to always be curious

– How he won the Master of the Rig Championship for 2017

– The most challenging race he has ever done (hint: it’s in South Africa)

– And more!

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CLICK HERE or HERE to see Jay’s TED Talks

Catch up with Jay:

FB: Jay Flores

IG: Coach Jay Flores