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November 2017

Episode 134: Interview with Spartan Pro & New Mom Rose Wetzel

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In this episode Miles and I have the pleasure of chatting with the incomparable Rose Wetzel. Rose talks about:

– Her life as a new mother

– The challenges being a new parent brings

– 36hrs of unmedicated labor

– How her training changed during pregnancy and how she is regaining fitness post baby

– Stopping at mile 12 of Spartan WC to breast feed!!!

– How to find your passion and do it for YOU not anyone else

– Setting personal mantras, anchors, and visuals for success

– Her most innovative “train with a baby” exercise

– And a lot more!

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Episode 133: Interview with Team AMA Coach Ryan Kempson

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In this episode Miles and I chat with the one and only Ryan Kempson, coach of Team AMA! Ryan is a wealth of knowledge, fast as all hell, and his passion for helping athletes reach their full potential through proper movement mechanics, core work and recovery is incredible! You will hear us talk about:

– How his parents never letting them quit mid-season and their hard work attitude and positive motivation bred two strong unrelenting athletes

– How not having cable tv and living in a remote part of the country led to a passion for being outside, exploring and turning him into the athlete he is today

– How we limit our abilities based on our own thoughts and fears of other racers on race day

– How water training aids so much in recovery, proper pelvic position/alignment, and overall strength potential

– How pool training can improve running ability

– How using the Burdenko method of training has led to endless progression potential

– How not to be a lazy idiot 🙂

– How you can run less than 20 miles per week and still dominate OCR

– How to pick your races and more!!

***NOTE: Due to technical issues the audio quality of this episode is not the best… Our apologies and we will work hard to improve this and bring you the best quality audio we can***

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Happy Thanksgiving from LINK Endurance!

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Hi! Alix and Mo here! We want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and share how thankful we are for each one of YOU! We cannot begin to express the JOY that each of you brings to us – YOU allow us to wake up and do what we love – what FEEDS us – every day! Thank you for trusting us and allowing us the opportunity to be a part of your lives in some capacity!

Our goal when we started LINK Endurance remains the same today — to empower as many people as we can reach to take pride in what you put into your body and consider yourself as a WHOLE being – mind, body and heart. When you have all of  these “links in your chain” working together – you will be your best self. Our goal is to encourage you along the way and offer as much education as we can so that you know HOW to live this best life you have inside of you!

We posted this Facebook LIVE last week – for those that missed it or need the pep-talk prior to your Thanksgiving meal/time with your family, check it out here.

We wish all of you a very happy and peaceful Thanksgiving!

Stay tuned for all the best info on how to PERFORM, EAT and THINK at your optimal level!

Episode 132: How Retired Vietnam Marine Used Snake Venom and Holistic Remedies to Overcome Debilitating Injuries from War

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In this episode I sit down with Vietnam war hero Lou Paradise.  We talk about how Lou overcame debilitating pain and injuries from two tours in Vietnam that left him in severe and constant pain.

Lou used a combination of holistic herbs that he learned from his grandmother, along with micro-dosed venoms to formulate a topical lotion that increased microcirculation and greatly reduces joint & muscle pain. We talk though his product, the uses, and how you, the hard charging endurance athlete, can use it to speed recovery and keep you training hard!

We also discuss how his training on obstacle courses was a key component to his readiness for battle and more!

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Episode 131: Interview with OCR Rising Star Tiffany Palmer

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In this episode Miles and I sit down with one of OCR’s rising stars that has been dominating the Spartan series Tiffany Palmer.

We get to know Tiffany and how her short career as a speed skater at a very young age instilled discipline and a focused mindset.

Tiffany also talks with about:
– Aligning your passion with your purpose

– How she overcame excessive alcohol use to focus on being the best OCR athlete she could be

– OCRWC, Spartan age group, and more!

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