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August 2017

Episode 122: Coach Pain Talks on “Conducting Your Business”, Fail to Grow, Serving Others, and Much Much More

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If you need motivation to get out, work hard, be selfless, and be the absolute BEST version of you possible, you will here it in this episode with OCR’s master motivator Coach Pain!

Coach Pain talks with Miles and I on:

– How to fail in order to grow

– Create your own penalties at races

– Don’t just “survive”, but LIVE

– Don’t rush through life

– Don’t train… “Conduct your Business”

– How he defines success

– Be a competitor not an athlete

– and much much more!!!

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Beast Shoulder Tap Lift

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Core strength and stability is a key component to athletic performance. The Beast Shoulder Tap Lift is one of my “go to” moves to both activate and build total body stability and strength.

Use it as part of your dynamic warm up or during your functional strength workout. Be sure to take your time, don’t rush the movement and keep your hips and shoulders still.

Episode 121: Brad Kearns Co-Author of Primal Endurance with Mark Sisson talks Primal Fueling, Speed Golf, Training/Nutrition for OCR, MAF running, and More

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In this episode Miles and I chat with former pro triathlete turned author, health & fitness expert, and speaker Brad Kearns. Brad tells us how he went from an overtrained and injured pro endurance athlete to a top competitor in speed golf and high jump by implementing a primal diet, primal training plan,and lifestyle.

We discuss:

– His book Primal Endurance with Mark Sisson and how a ketogenic or high fat lower carb “primal” diet can create better health and performance

– How to use a primal eating plan for OCR

– Recovery

– How to deepen your knowledge through the Primal Endurance Mastery Course

– and More!

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Check out Brad HERE

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In this episode Miles and I catch up with Spartan’s own Joe Di Stefano and talk about:

– Spartan Ultra Beast Training

– Where he sees Spartan Race in 10 years

– The benefits of being an SGX coach

– The best way to drink coffee

– And a whole lot more!!!

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Check out Joe Di’s article on Spartan Ultra Beast Training:
Injury-Free and Fit as Hell


Episode 119: Coach Mo & Miles Dive into Proper Training, Nutrition, & Gear for Spartan Ultra Beast

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Have you signed up for a Spartan Ultra Beast and curious if:

-You’re training too much or not enough?

– How much running should you be doing weekly, how many miles should you be running?

– What clothes/shoes should you wear?

– What should nutrition look like?

– When to taper

We dive in to all these topics to help get you as prepared as possible to safely and effectively conquer this distance race!


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“I am” Guided Breath Practice

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This short guided breath practice is designed to help you reduce stress and go into your day with a calm/confident mind.  As you listen to this recording follow these tips:

  • keep your eyes closed and relaxed
  • breathe at your own comfortable pace
  • exhale fully on each breath, drawing your belly in towards your spine to stimulate your calm “rest and digest” nervous system

Episode 118: Alyssa Hawley Recaps Spartan Asheville Super, Calls out Rea Kobl, Talks Training Strategies, Mindset, Fanny Packs, Chinese Buffet’s, and More

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In this episode Miles and I catch up with one of our favorite Spartan athletes and overall incredible human Alyssa Hawley.

We discuss:

– A friendly call out 🙂

– Her Spartan Asheville Super recap

– Her relaxed mindset going into this race

– Family support

– Current training

– Fanny packs, Chinese food, climbing vines, and more!!


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