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Down Dog Hurdle with Twist

By July 3, 2017Movements


***Be sure to foam roll your legs prior to any mobility or strength work to allow for maximum range of motion***

This is one of my favorite “go to” movements for both active recovery AND dynamic activation prior to a run, bike, race, or strength session. Key points as listed in the video:

  1. Be sure to exhale as you are rotating your arm toward the ski/ceiling, and inhale as you return your hand to the ground
  2. Be sure to “squeeze”/engage your glute of the back leg and squeeze shoulder blades together as you rotate

Perform 3 rounds of 4 repetitions per side. You can do 4 reps all on one side then switch to the other side, or you can do 1 rep on the left, press back to down dog, then 1 rep on the right, and repeat for 4 reps each side.