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January 2017

Episode 95: Ryan Kent Talks In-depth about his time on The History Channel’s “The Selection”

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All I can say about this episode is wow… You are going to hear how 12 days of nonstop evolutions and tests of mental toughness changed Ryan Kent not only as an athlete, it also:

– Taught him new levels of mental and physical toughness

– How he now views the world

– How to never judge a book by it’s cover

–  The importance of a TEAM

– Going from cocky and confident to 100% selfless

We talk about how he got through being shoved in a box…multiple times, drown proofing, enduring 12hrs of continuous bone chilling cold, what made hime take off on his own on the last evolution, the difficulty adjusting back into “the real world” the first few weeks after the show, and much more.

This is hands down one of the coolest episodes Miles and I have had the honor to record and we are excited to share it with you!!

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Episode 94: Interview with The Selection’s Danielle Burger on Resilience, Mental Toughness, Mindset, Being shoved in a dark box, and More

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In this episode Miles and I have the pleasure of interviewing one bad ass lady! Daniel Burger was the last woman standing and made it to the top 6 out of 30 civilians on The History Channel’s “The Selection”.

Danielle shares with us:

– Her mindset going into the show

– How Mark Divine’s Kokoro Camp helped develop her mental toughness and the mindset that ANYTING is possible.

– How sympathy/empathy from a family member/teammate can be the worst thing during hard times

– What made her finally turn in her patch

– Training while pregnant

– How to mentally survive being zip tied and put in a dark box

and much much more!!

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Follow Danielle on instagram: @danielleburger2

Episode 93: Interview with the Men Behind the Magic of USOCR CHAMPIONSHIPS Brett Stewart & Adrian Bijanada

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In this episode Miles and I interview OCRWC race directors and course designers Adrian Bijanada and Brett Stewart.  We discuss:

– Course layout

– Drug testing

– Pro Wave and Age Group Qualification

– Why Texas?? Not that we mind 🙂

– 3 opportunities to “pre-run” the course

– Spartan involvement

–  Will this become an OCRWC/USOCRC series

– and much more!!

This is an information jam-packed episode that you don’t want to miss!

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Episode 92: Interview with Spartan Pro Alissa Hawley

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In this episode Miles and I chat with Spartan Pro athlete and lover of A LOT of espresso Alissa Hawley.  We get down and learn what drives her, how she uses her strong faith to perform and stay motivated, her fears, her 2017 goals, something she calls “The Scarecrow” method of climbing a muddy/icy rope and much more fun!

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Episode 91: Interview with Robert Killian

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In this episode Miles and Mo chat with the former Spartan World Champ Robert Killian. He is a bit under the weather and loaded up on cough syrup, but Robert gives some great tips on:

– 2017 Race Goals

– Mental toughness and Grit

– Worlds Toughest Mudder

– How to be a great teammate and what makes a great teammate

– The Green Beret Challenge

– How he trains with his kids

– Who inspired him to be the best version of Robert he could be

– much more!

**Reminder: Mr Killian has a gnarly head cold so the sound may be a bit stuffy :-)**

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