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November 2016

Episode 87: Interview with renowned running “Consultant” Richard Diaz

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In this episode Miles and I chat with run guru and scotch aficionado Richard Diaz and discuss:

– VO2 max testing and what to focus on if your score isn’t the best

– Uphill and downhill run form.

– Running based on heart rate vs. pace vs. respiratory quotient

– Should you focus on running or strength training

– Are you racing Beasts and Ultras too Often

– Why Richard or I write multi-week training programs

– Scotch :-), and fine cuban cigars

And much more.  This truly was a fun conversation with an I am excited to share it with you

CLICK HERE to listen or download from iTunes or Stitcher.

Episode 86: Spartan World Champ Hobie Call Chats about Following Your Heart/Passion, His Weight Vest Training, Getting Older but Racing Faster, Mindset and Much More

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In this episode we interview 2016 Spartan World Champion Hobie Call. Hobie is an incredible human with an insatiable desire to be the best he can be.  We talk about his training program, how he uses a weight vest to train, following your hear and not giving up on your dreams, racing as a masters athlete, and much more. CLICK HERE to listen or download from iTunes or Stitcher.


CLICK HERE to get Hobie’s “How to Train for Obstacle Course Racing” DVD

Episode 85: Margaret Schlachter on Being OCR’s First Elite Female, How the Sport Has Changed, Urban Farming, Writing, Sneaky Chickens and More!

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In this episode Miles and I chat with Obstacle Racing’s First Elite Female and host of Dirt in Your Skirt Podcast Margaret Schlachter. Margaret is a wealth of knowledge in the sport of OCR and has incredible insight on the topic. She is an author, has been featured in many national publications as an expert in endurance sports and is just an all around cool girl!  This was a fun episode to record and I hope you enjoy it! CLICK HERE to listen or Download from iTunes or Stitcher!

Episode 84: Interview with Ian Deyerle on Overcoming Addiction, His Perfect Hair, Tanning Beds, Listener Questions and More!

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Ian Deyerle joins us to discuss his journey from a 10 year alcohol addiction to becoming a well respected and beast of a competitor as a pro obstacle racer. Ian shares his thoughts on racing, family support, favorite training sessions, his perfect hair and the importance of a quality tan :-). We also get into a few fun listener questions. This was a very inspiring and fun episode and I am excited to bring it to you! CLICK HERE to listen or download on iTunes or Stitcher.

Episode 83 Dallas Beast Review, Post Race Recovery Nutrition/Training Tips, How to Beat Cramping

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In this episode Miles and I review the Dallas Spartan Beast weekend and answer listener questions on post race recovery strategies for nutrition, training, supplements and bruising.  Plus we discuss cramping and electrolyte intake. Are you consuming too many electrolytes?  CLICK HERE to listen or download from iTunes or stitcher.

Show Notes:

Recovery Supplements:

Vital Protein Collagen Peptides


Ancient Minerals Transdermal Magnesium

Arctic Oils Fish Oil

Terry Naturally Curamin

MOGA Recovery/Mobility Movements