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July 2016

Episode 71 Interview with Jackie Rust, How This Single Mom Overcame Tragedy to Become a Pro Athlete and an Incredible Role Model

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In this episode we have the pleasure of interviewing Spartan Pro Team Athlete Jackie Rust.  I can tell you, from the moment I met Jackie I knew there was something special about her.  You will hear how she overcame the loss of a parent and channeled that energy to become one of the top female obstacle racers in the world. Our minds are a powerful tool and can lead us to incredible things when we choose to. Jackie is the perfect example of this and I am so excited for you to listen and learn from her story. From tragedy, to racing and raising two young children on her own, Jackie is a true inspiration.  CLICK HERE to listen or download on iTunes for later.

Episode 70: Introducing MILES KELLER, How to Handle a Bad Training Day, How to Handle an Injury

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In this episode I introduce my new co-host Miles Keller. Miles and I discuss how to handle a bad training day. You know, those days you just feel weak, tired, not strong, etc. Is that a bad thing? Is your training not working, or are you simply having a tough day?  Find out the answer to these questions plus if you have ever suffered an injury during training or racing we will discuss strategies to quickly get you back in the game!  Click HERE to listen or download on iTunes for later.

Check out my article here on how to quickly recover from an injury.

Episode 69 How Heat Training can be better than High Altitude Training & Introducing Link Endurance

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Are you planning an endurance race at high altitude? Do you want to get the benefits of high altitude training but don’t have the ability to live in the mountains for 3-4 weeks?  Learn how training in the heat of the day AT HOME can actually be a much better option and get you results in half the time for a high elevation race.  Plus I am happy to officially introduce my new Training System Link Endurance!  This is a great show!  Click Here to listen.


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