In this episode I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Anthony Gustin, Founder/CEO of PureWOD Beef Protein. Now before you think this sounds too “CrossFitty” let me assure you, Dr. Gustin has put together a top of the line GREAT tasting product that is beneficial for EVERYONE. So regardless if you’re a competitive athlete or just wanting to lose weight and/or be healthy, you will learn that not all proteins are created equally, and that Dr. Gustin has spared not expense to be sure you get the purest, high quality ingredients with not additives or fillers. You’ll learn how not only is beef protein beneficial in repairing muscle tissue, but how it greatly assists in repairs cartilage, joints, and most importantly… Your gut!

Disclaimer… I had a “technical malfunction” and the first 5 minutes of this episode may sound a bit muffled, but I adjusted so you can hear just fine! CLICK HERE listen of download on iTunes for later.

Show Notes:
Use the code “Mo10” at for $10 off your first order!

Mo’s Chocolate Super Smoothie Surprise Recipe:
– 1 scoop PureWOD Chocolate Beef Protein
– 1/2 avocado
– 1-2Tbps Paleo cinnamon nut butter
– 8oz Native Forest Light Coconut Milk
– 8oz water
– Pinch Sea Salt
– 1 scoop Maca Root
Blend and grow strong!

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