Yep.. You read that correctly.. Tequila can be good for you!! In moderation of course. In this episode you will learn:
– How to make a healthier version of your favorite Tex-Mex drink
– The problem with traditional Margaritas and “skinny-rita” mixes
– Learn the differences in tequilas
– How to order a healthy tequila drink at a restaurant
Plus you I will discuss how to eat WHATEVER YOU WANT, and not feel guilty about it. Lots of fun on today’s show so CLICK HERE to listen or download on iTunes for later.

Perfect Margarita Recipe:
– 1 shot Quality blanco tequila
– 1 shot fresh squeezed lime juice
– splash, about 1/2-1 shot club soda
– 3-5 drops stevia
– salt if you want

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“5 Ways Tequila is Good for You”

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Nu Naturals Stevia:
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