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March 2016

Traveling Lunge with Twist

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Here is one of my favorite movements for improving hip mobility and creating glute strength/firing patterns. Couple key notes on this move:
1- Exhale as you twist your trunk. Holding your breath will only exacerbate tightness
2- Don’t rush the twist. Take you time and let your breathing dictate your tempo
3- Be sure to pull from your heal as you stand for glute engagement and to take the stress off your quadriceps

This movement can be done with no weight as part of a dynamic warm up, or with weight as part of your strength plan. Don’t have a lot of room for the “traveling” part? Not a problem, simply step back into a reverse lunge instead of stepping forward. Then you can do it anywhere.

CLICK HERE for the video

Episode 63: Why Tequila is Good for You, Why I Hate “Cheat Days”

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Yep.. You read that correctly.. Tequila can be good for you!! In moderation of course. In this episode you will learn:
– How to make a healthier version of your favorite Tex-Mex drink
– The problem with traditional Margaritas and “skinny-rita” mixes
– Learn the differences in tequilas
– How to order a healthy tequila drink at a restaurant
Plus you I will discuss how to eat WHATEVER YOU WANT, and not feel guilty about it. Lots of fun on today’s show so CLICK HERE to listen or download on iTunes for later.

Perfect Margarita Recipe:
– 1 shot Quality blanco tequila
– 1 shot fresh squeezed lime juice
– splash, about 1/2-1 shot club soda
– 3-5 drops stevia
– salt if you want

I would love to hear from you, so leave any comments or questions below or email me at

“5 Ways Tequila is Good for You”

Dulce Vida Tequila:

Nu Naturals Stevia:
Clear NuStevia 2 oz

Scorpion Cobra Down Dog Flow

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Do you suffer from tight hips or a tight low back? Are you training hard but sitting the rest of the day for work? If so, here is a great series of movements designed to open up the front of your hips and stretch your abs along with lengthening your spine, hamstrings and calves. You will also find that when done properly increases strength and mobility in your shoulders.
I recommend going though 2-3 sets of 8-10 repetitions, “1” is completing one full cycle of the 3 moves.
This series can be done anywhere, anytime and multiple times a day. Use it to relax and restore from a hard training session, or as a warmup prior to a workout or race. Don’t forget to breathe!! Let your inhale & exhale dictate your movement and tempo for this and all mobility/regeneration movements. Click HERE for the video
Get after it and email me at with any questions or feel free to leave a comment/question below.

Episode 62: Why Even Chicken Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken

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Have you ever wondered why even when you eat healthy foods you can sometimes never quiet get enough and end up overeating? Or what’s the deal with “natural flavors”??? Find out the answers to these questions plus learn why chicken really doesn’t taste like chicken as I review the book The Dorito Effect. Click here to listen or download from iTunes for later.

To dive deeper in to this topic grab The Dorito Effect at Also available in Kindle version.