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July 2014

Episode 38: Strawberry Benefits, Kool-Aid vs Sport Drinks & Sugar for Training, Recipe of the Week, Training for 70.3 and The Crossover Lunge

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In this Episode I discuss:
– The benefits of the “super food” strawberry & how you can incorporate it into your nutrition. Recipe coming soon.
– What is the difference in Kool-Aid and Sport Drinks. Do you really need sugar during training and racing and if so HOW to properly use it.
– I talk about my recipe of the week “Ground Turkey Kale & Mashed Potaotes”.
– Should you do a 70.3 for your first triathlon and how long should you train before taking on this distance race.
– The Crossover, or, “curtsy” lunge. How is it beneficial to you and how to incorporate into your daily movement.

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Episode 37: Resistant Starch, Deviled Egg Potato Salad, Abdominal Exercise Post C-Section Surgery and More

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In this Episode I talk about:
– the health benefits of resistant starch and how you can easily incorporate it into your nutrition plan.
– What your nutrition plan should look like post surgery to speed recovery and get back to full health faster
– The best abdominal and core exercises to regain strength in your mid-section after a major surgery like a C-section or hysterectomy

For the probiotics that I talk about click here.

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Episode: 36 : Best Sprint Workout for Fat Loss, Dehydration Headaches, Fast Strength Gains and More

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In this episode:

1. What is the best sprint workout to maximize fat loss
2. The best way to NATURALLY alleviate a dehydration headache
-I recommend O.N.E. Coconut water with Pink Guava. You can order on
3. The problem with quick fix/rapid weight loss diet plans
4. How to deal with a client with an eating disorder
5. How to get REALLY strong REALLY fast. Learn about Post Tetanic Facilitation and the “1-6 Principle”.
-I reference the article by strength Coach Charles Poliquin here.

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