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May 2014

Episode 33: Cheat Meals, Health Risks with Microwave Ovens, What you Need to know about CrossFit

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In this episode I give you tips on eating “cheat meals” at restaurants. Should you ALWAYS order the healthiest foods on the menu? How to navigate eating whatever you want and still be healthy. I also dive in to the negative effects of microwave ovens and what they are really doing to your food when you “Neuk” it. THEN, I sound off on all the bashing of CrossFit and their “terrible coaches”. Find out what YOU as the consumer need to know before stepping in to a “box” or any group workout for that matter. Can it be safe? Yes.. Can it be harmful? Yes.. To listen click here.

Healthy Eating on a Plane:

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Have you have ever been stuck in an airport, hungry, with no option for food except a large pretzel or fast food? How about on a long flight with no “healthy” food options? Well I have your answer in this quick tip video. Watch the video here.

“T”-Spine Corrective Exercises

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Cycling, swimming, running, improper strength training and sitting at a desk all day can lead to some pretty bad upper back, or T-spine, posture. Left untreated, this forward shoulder/head posture can potentially lead to deterioration of your Thoracic Spine and possible nerve damage and shoulder immobility to name Just a few. Here are 3 simple movements that you can do anywhere to help prevent/correct the dreaded forward shoulder posture. To see the video and start correcting your posture click here.

Episode 32: Waking up at 3a.m., Training Burnout, Knee Pain from Running

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In this episode I discuss several very common issues with athletes. Why do you wake up at 3a.m.? How can you overcome training burnout or disappointment from a competition. What causes knee pain from running? To listen click here.

To listen to my episode on The Ticket 1310 on recovery click here.

For Dynamic Warm ups to help with knee pain and to get ready for a spartan race click here.

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Episode: Making Unhealthy Meals Healthy, Home Gym vs Joining a Gym, Vibram Barefoot Shoes vs Orthdics

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In this episode I get into what you REALLY need to know Vibram Barefoot Shoes and Orthodics. Also, do you need to join a gym or is a home gym sufficient, and how to take an ordinary “unhealthy” recipe from a magazine and make it super healthy. To listen click here.

Show Notes:
Coconut Aminos click here.

Click here for a great article and study on foot biomechanics vs orthopedics.

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Podcast 30: Healthy Options at any Restaurant or on a Plane, Exercise on a Plane, Active Recovery/Mobility

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In this episode I get into the basics of how you can eat healthy at any restaurant. How to plan ahead and eat healthy on on long plane flights as well as exercises you can do on an airplane to combat the negative effects of sitting. I also talk about creating a day of mobility work into your rest day or into your normal week for increasing range of motion and preventing injury. Take a listen by clicking here.

Show Notes:
For Healthy food/snack options on a plane I recommend the following. Just click on the word for ordering details.
Justin’s Almond Butter with Maple
Reserveage Organics Protein Packets
Artisana Cacao Bliss
Artisana Coconut Butter

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Healthy Meals at Any Restaurant:

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I do it, you do it, I have clients that do it daily. What do we do? We eat out at restaurants. Whether it is for business or pleasure learning to navigate your way through a restaurant menu can be a big step to increasing your health and wellness.

Part of my job as a nutritionist is to create/build menu plans for my clients. This plan always includes an “out to eat” section. This section is short, simple and to the point. When eating out, unless it is a special occasion like an anniversary, birthday, etc., I encourage my clients to think about their health and their goals when ordering. So here is what I tell them.

Step 1:
Order grilled chicken or fish and ask for it to be prepared with no oil. All to often restaurants use rancid/poor quality canola oil to cook with. This is bad on several levels so avoid it. You can add salsa to the protein if you happen to be at a Tex-Mex place.

Step 2:
Ask your server what vegetables the chef has in the kitchen, then ask to have 2 servings steamed. Even if it is not “on the menu” your server will get it done for you. Just be sure to ask nicely and don’t demand.

Step 3:
Ask for a side of Extra Virgin Olive Oil “EVOO” for a healthy fat. Even better if you are somewhere that has avocado or guacamole you can add it to the steamed vegetables with salt and have a version of my “creamy vegetables”.

Order a BIG-A salad… Meaning ask the server to throw any fresh vegetable they have on top of their normal salad and add grill chicken or fish. Again, even if it’s not on the menu they will do it for you. If you are at Tex-Mex add salsa & guac for the dressing. If not at Tex-Mex, get EVOO & balsamic vinegar for the dressing.

If you are an endurance athlete and your “eating out” meal happens to be lunch, add 1/2 -1 cup white rice, quinoa, sweet potato or couscous to your meal. If you are eating out for dinner then stick to a protein, several veggies and a healthy fat.

There you have it. Not overcomplicated, just simple and to the point. However, I can’t end this without saying that I am in full support of going out to eat and ordering whatever the heck you want. What I recommend though, is that you make your “splurge/cheat” meal at lunchtime. This way you have ample time to digest the meal and move a little before bed. If you eat a big unhealthy meal at night you may not digest the food, won’t sleep well and can possibly feel the negative effects the next day. So eat your pizza and cake at lunch then go for an easy 20-30 minute walk. If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear from you so leave them below.

To Your Health,
Coach Mo

Airplane “Fitness”

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Do you fly often? Ever found yourself sitting in the middle or window seat next to a sleeping/possibly drooling neighbor and you are unable to move for hours? Here is a quick video that will help counteract the negative effects of sitting on an airplane for long periods of time. Check it out by clicking here.

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