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Mo’s Apple Egg Scramble

By April 28, 2014Blog, Recipes

The other morning I opened up my refrigerator to make breakfast. After grabbing the eggs I noticed about ¼ of an apple and ¼ of a red bell pepper that I had chopped for my Spring Apple Salad the day before. Being the type of person that will try anything, at least twice, I thought I would add it to my normal breakfast and see what happens. Lo and behold it worked! I know apples and eggs don’t normally go together but once you saute’ the apples, some of the “sweet” taste is gone. Add some sea salt and you’ve got a semi sweet and savory breakfast that is loaded with nutrients. So here you go ☺.

– 3-4 pastured raised eggs
– ¼- ½ chopped organic apple. (choose whatever apple is your favorite)
– ¼ – ½ chopped red bell pepper
– 1-2 cups fresh spinach or kale or arugula. Or you can add a little of them all
– 1 chopped garlic clove or ½ tsp organic garlic powder
– 1Tbsp purity farms ghee butter
– sea salt to taste

Add butter, apple & bell pepper in a medium to large skillet on medium heat. Sauté for about 4 minutes, or until the apples begin to get soft. Stir in the greens and continue to sauté until the greens turn bright green. Add your eggs and cook to the consistency you like. For the best nutritional bang for your buck I recommend eating your eggs “wet”. Meaning don’t overcook them until they are brown or crispy.
Serve hot and eat with my rosemary sweet potato hash.