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April 2014

Episode 29: Healing a Tight Hamstring, Recovery After an Ultra Race, Honey Stinger Waffles for Ironman, How to Cure Shin Splints

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To listen to this episode in all its glory click here.

In response to Christina’s question on healing a tight hamstring, click here to see my glute strengthening movements.

In response to Carries question on recovery from an ultra race:
See my “Avocado Green Smoothie” under the “recipe” tab

– Vibrant Health 1000mg Turmeric click here.
– Carlson’s Cod Liver Oil click here.
– Great Lakes Collagen click here.

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Episode 28: Practical Healthy Meals, Washing Produce, Staying Motivated for Workouts

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In this Episode:

Debrah asks about preparing “practical” meals to lose weight and be healthy. In response here are my recipes for:
Rosemary Coconut Chicken
Creamy Avocado Broccolini
Best Couscous Ever

I talk about the importance of washing your fruits and veggies and give you a simple veggie wash you can order from amazon here.

Christy wants to know how to stay motivated for her training. I give practical tips and talk about my Total Body in 20 workout.

To listen to this episode in all its goodness click here.

Corrective Exercises for the Glutes

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If you suffer from low back pain, a “tight” low back, tight hamstrings or all three, you may need to simply “turn on” you glute muscles (your butt) in order to alleviate the pain/tightness. I have created a simple series of 3 movements that you should begin using as part of your daily routine and prior to any workout to get your glutes firing properly and prevent low back pain. Click here to see the video.

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SPECIAL EPISODE Podcast 27: The Dangers of Excess Sugar, Splenda & Aspartame

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In this episode I dive deep into the dangers of consuming the artificial sweeteners Splenda & Aspartame. You will learn about ALL of the negative health effects, how they were banned for approval by the FDA for many years, and what you can do to get yourself off of these dangerous chemicals. I also give you a little bonus on the dangers of consuming too much sugar, especially for your children. To listen click here

Podcast Episode 26: Long Runs, Artificial Sweeteners, Protein Shakes, Fueling Strategies for Endurance

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To listen or download for later click here.

In this episode I get to answer you questions again :-)! I discuss
– the benefits of shorter interval runs vs “long running”
– the harmful effects of artificial sweeteners,and healthy substitutes
– how much protein should be in your protein shake along with alternate sources of protein
– how to eat and fuel for endurance races/training

Show Notes:
Protein Powders
Raw Revelation Grass-Fed Whey (no sugar added)
Reserveage Organics (no sugar added)
Vega Sport Plant Based Protein

You can find my Super Mo Shake recipe here.

Check out Vespa Power here. You can also listen to the interview I did with Peter Defty from Vespa Power here.

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