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Double Man Maker

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What could possibly be more fun than burpees you ask? This gem of a movement called the double Man Maker!

Seriously though, this is a great total body conditioning movement.

A few key tips to remember when performing:
– Squeeze your shoulder blade tight when performing the row (otherwise your just doing a weird looking bicep curl)
– When hopping back into the low squat position the goal is to land with flat feet that are outside your hands/dumbbell
2-3 sets of 5-6 reps unloaded body weight only working on range of motion.
3-4 sets of 8-10+ reps
3-4 sets of 4-6 reps

Crab Toe Touch

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This is one of my favorite moves to open the front of the shoulders, forearms, calves, & hamstrings.

Be sure to use your breath during this movement and don’t rush to touch your toes.

Hold each extension/contraction for 2-3 seconds and lower slowly.

I recommend 2-3 sets of 8-10 reps per side

Beast Shoulder Tap Lift

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Core strength and stability is a key component to athletic performance. The Beast Shoulder Tap Lift is one of my “go to” moves to both activate and build total body stability and strength.

Use it as part of your dynamic warm up or during your functional strength workout. Be sure to take your time, don’t rush the movement and keep your hips and shoulders still.

Eccentric Loaded Pull-up

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****Be sure to properly warm up your shoulders & back using a full ROM prior to this movement****

This is my “go to” move for developing pull-up strength. Be sure to follow the guidelines I list in the video very carefully.  Take your time with this movement and be patient. When done properly, you will increase pull-up strength, overhead grip strength, & increased shoulder range of motion.

I recommend 3 sets of 4-6 reps 1-2x/week.  As mentioned in the video there are several variations to this movement, so if you have any questions please email me or leave a comment below

Deep Dumbbell Squat

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****Be sure to foam roll/SMR your lower body and warm up with mobility/MOGA movements prior to this movement****
This is a great movement for the OCR athlete to build range of motion and power for the Atlas Stone Carry and Tire Flip in Spartan races. For the runner and triathlete, it is great for developing lower body range of motion and power in your glutes.
Perform 3-4 sets of 4-6 reps with 90sec-2min recovery

Static Dumbbell Hold

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****Be sure to bring the dumbbells back to starting position, elbows in front of shoulders, at the end of each set and lower from that position to avoid potential shoulder injury****

This is a great addition to your strength workout to build both strength and endurance in your shoulders, arms and posterior chain.
Begin with 2-3 sets of 60 seconds, building to 90-120seconds over time
Rest equal time as you are under tension, so if your set lasts 60sec, your recovery will be 60sec up to 90sec

If you have any questions about this or any other strength movement, email coach Mo at mo@linkendurance.com

Episode 114 Conquer the Gauntlet Recap, How Meditation helped win the Race, Recovery Weeks, Mo’s Top 5 Supplements for Athletes

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In this episode we take a break from the normal interview format to kick a little nutrition and training knowledge your way and review our latest race, Conquer the Gauntlet OKC.

We discuss:

– This week’s Monday Movement and Alix’s recipe of the week

– THANK YOU to Eli from Obstacle Order Podcast for helping improve our audio!!!!

– How Mo used breath work & meditation to beat several challenging obstacles at CTG

-How Mandatory obstacle completion adds a whole other element of focus to your race strategy

– Our thoughts on CTG as a race series

– How and why you need to schedule recovery weeks into your training plan

– Mo’s top 5 supplements for endurance athletes

– Why you shouldn’t run on a muddy trail

– And more fun stuff!! 🙂

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Mo’s Top 5 Supplements:

Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein

Reserveage Organics Grass-fed Whey Protein

Nordic Naturals Omega-3

Magnesium Glycinate

NUUN Tablets

Bioastin “Astaxanthan”



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Lateral Lunge

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**Be sure to foam roll calves/quads/hamstrings and warm up with dynamic movements prior to any strength training**

For the lateral lunge begin with body weight only, starting with  your non-dominant leg.  Complete 3 sets of 8-10 receptions and be sure to watch your form ensuring that:
1- Your foot, knee, & hip of the working leg are in alignment

2- Your non-working leg is straight, knee is not bent, and that the outside of your foot stays in contact with the ground

3- You keep your eyes looking forward to avoid dropping your chest

Single Leg Hip Extension

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**Be sure to foam roll calves/quads/hamstrings and warm up with dynamic movements prior to any strength training**


I recommend you begin this, or any single leg movement, with body weight until you can complete 3 sets of 8-10 repetitions keeping your hip & spine in alignment.
Be sure to hinge from your hip and not bend from your knee, and stand up by engaging your glute vs. pulling from your back.

Assisted Single Leg Squat

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**Be sure to foam roll calves/quads/hamstrings and warm up with dynamic movements prior to any strength training**
This is the first movement to progress into single leg strength training. You can use the non-working “assisting” leg as much or as little as needed.
If you are a beginner to strength or a seasoned endurance athlete but have not focused on single leg movements I recommend starting with body weight only working 3 sets of 8-10 repetitions.
Advanced athletes with single leg strength experience feel free to hold a kettle bell or dumbbell/dumbbells for added resistance. Sets/reps can be based on your training cycle for that session.
**this is also a great movement for active recovery and/or warm up**